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Have Your People Talk To My People: Dreamlight Valley Quest

In Dreamlight Valley, Have Your People Talk to My People is an endearing quest, led by the iconic Mike Wazowski.

Players must bridge the gap between Valley residents and the ‘Ratatouille’ newcomers, Remy and Emile.

Similarly, players have to pave the way for a blossoming camaraderie that unlocks new culinary adventures and delightful tales.

Continue reading about the Have Your People Talk to My People quest and learn how to complete it.

What Is Have Your People Talk To My People In Dreamlight Valley?

Have Your People Talk to My People is a crucial quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Players are entrusted with a crucial mission to forge a bond between the cherished denizens of Dreamlight Valley.

Have Your People Talk to My People Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley
In this quest, players are tasked by none other than Mike Wazowski from Monster Inc.

Further, players also need to admire guests from the “Ratatouille” realm, namely the respected culinary duo, Remy and Emile.

After beginning the quest players find themselves immersed in a flurry of activities like constructing a bridge of friendship.

Moreover, this quest represents unity by highlighting friendship’s transformative power and the limitless potential of harmony.

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How To Complete Have Your People Talk To My People Quest?

Completing the “Have Your People Talk to My People” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is important.

Further, this quest offers both immediate rewards and long-term benefits to players.

Players must strengthen bonds with key characters by helping Mike build a friendship bridge with Remy and Emile.

Moreover, you can follow this guide to complete this quest in Dreamlight Valley:

1. Initiate With Mike

Players must seek out Mike Wazowski in the Meadow to kickstart the quest.

Talking With Mike In Dreamlight Valley
Mike expresses his concern about establishing a connection with Remy and Emile from “Ratatouille”.

Further, this emphasizes the importance of building a bridge of friendship in Dreamlight Valley.

2. Gather Materials

Players should heed Mike’s instructions and gather the required materials:

  • 50 Softwood Lumber
  • 30 Iron Ingots
  • 10 Glass

Similarly, players need to explore Dreamlight Valley, utilizing their tools to collect resources from trees, rocks, and the beach.

3. Acquire Resources

After players are armed with the materials list they should navigate across the valley and chop trees for Softwood Lumber.

Likewise, players also need to mine rocks for Iron Ore and collect sand for Glass at Goofy’s Stall.

4. Craft The Bridge

With all materials in hand, players must return to Goofy’s Stall and utilize the crafting station to construct the bridge.

Further, Mike entails the specifications by fostering bonds between valley residents and the new visitors.

5. Inform Mike

Players need to return to Mike with news of the completed bridge in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Mike expresses gratitude for their efforts and urges players to speak directly with Remy and Emile to strengthen the friendship.

6. Interact With Remy

Players should visit Chef Remy in the Sunlit Plateau and engage in conversation with Remy and Emile.

Likewise, they must share the story of the bridge and the warm welcome extended by Mike and the other valley residents.

7. Report Back To Mike

After conversing with Remy and Emile, players must return to Mike to update him on the progress.

Further, Mike commends players for their role in fostering friendship and expresses delight at the newfound connection.

8. Claim Your Reward

Players are rewarded with friendship points and other in-game rewards as a token of appreciation from Mike.

Have Your People Talk to My People Quest
As a token of his gratitude Mike rewards players with valuable rewards like this dress.

Additionally, players will unlock new content related to the “Ratatouille” storyline which offers further adventures.

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