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Why Is Hay Day Gift Wrapping Station Not Working?

The Gift Wrapping Station has returned in Hay Day after the winter update of 2023.

However, players are complaining that the Hay Day Gift Wrapping Station is not working.

On Hay Day, the Gift Wrapping Station is not working because the event for gift wrapping has ended. However, the production station is still there creating confusion among players.

Continue reading to learn more about why the Gift-wrapping station is not working on Hay Day.

What Is Gift Wrapping Station On Hay Day?

The Gift Wrapping station is a seasonal production building available during the holiday event on Hay Day.

Players require specific ingredients to create special gifts, which are then sent off on boats.

Holiday event in Hay day
Description about the gift wrapping station during the holiday event.

Further, producing gifts will earn players a seasonal currency called the Holly.

Then, the currency is used to unlock decorations and other items from various stations.

Four types of gifts players can make using the gift-wrapping station are Round Gift, Red Gift, Yellow Gift, and Choo Choo Gift.

make gifts using the gift wrapping station
Players can make four different kinds of gifts using the gift-wrapping station.

Moreover, it’s a temporary machine which is only available for a limited period of time.

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Gift Wrapping Station Not Working On Hay Day

There can be various reasons why the gift wrapping station is not working, some reasons are:

1. Time-limited Event

The gift-wrapping station is a limited-time event feature that appears during Christmas and New Year’s.

So, if you’re trying to access the station before or after the event, it may not be available.

Further, you will get an error message saying “Can’t use this anymore. This event is about to end”.

2. Farm Level Requirement

In order to create various gifts, players need to reach a certain level on their farm.

Further, the farm-level requirements for each of the gifts are:

  • Round Gift: Level 17
  • Red Gift: Level 24
  • Yellow Gift: Level 43
  • Choo Choo Gift: Level 70

If you’re on a farm level less than 17, this gift station is not available for you.

3. Bugs And Glitches

Sometimes, bugs and glitches can prevent the Gift Wrapping station from working properly.

The bugs require a certain amount of time to be resolved for smooth game performance.

How To Fix Hay Day Gift Wrapping Station Not Working?

Many Hay Day players were confused about the gift wrapping station with the Catalogue event.

However, the developers cleared that the Gift-wrapping station event ended on December 21, but the production building is still visible.

Players can still use the earned Holly to get items from the Catalogue.

Further, the timer in the game for the “Holiday event” tab is for the Catalogue event.

Hay Day Facebook post about gift wrapping event
Developers clearing the confusion about gift wrapping station and catalogue event.

Meanwhile, sometimes when the event is not working because of other reasons, players have to ensure the following steps.

1. Access During Event

After the holiday event ends on December 21, 2023, the station will disappear automatically from the farm.

You have to make sure that you are using the gift station only during the holidays. 

Moreover, the machine will only be available during the holiday event so if you have to use it during that time only.

2. Reach Level 17 Farming Level

The gift-wrapping station is only available to players who have reached farm level 17 or above.

If you’re below 17, you won’t be able to see or use the station during the holiday event.

The Bottom Line

Moreover, the gift-wrapping station is not working on Hay Day because the event has already ended.

Players were able to make gifts and load into the boats only during that time.

Now that the event has ended, players can use the earned Hollies to get items from Catalogue.

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