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Christmas Event Not Showing Up In MW3: Causes And Fixes

The latest update to Modern Warfare 3 brought the Christmas event into the game, but there seems to be a small problem.

The MW3 event tab is an issue for some users as they’re unable to keep up with the progress of the event.

Fixing the Christmas Event Not Showing up in MW3 problem requires a game restart and update check as it seems that the problem is not on the developer’s side.

Continue reading more about causes and fixes for Christmas Events not showing up in MW3.

What Is Christmas Event Not Showing Up In MW3?

Christmas Event in MW3 is a special event where players need to complete quests to earn more rewards in the game.

Players are unable to track their progress as the Christmas Event tab is not showing up.

Hence, the really difficult part is not knowing what the challenges are, given the MW3 event tab missing issue.

Christmas Event In MW3
This is the featured image of the Christmas Event in MW3.
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Why Is Christmas Event Not Showing Up In MW3?

Christmas event has brought a huge package of updates that require good specs to be fully supported.

As a result, after updating the game, the individuals are facing the “Christmas Event Not Showing Up” problem due to a lack of optimization.

This is mainly caused by to delivery optimization of the game to the users.

Some of the common causes of this issue are:

  • Unstable Internet Connection
  • Outdated Version Of Game
  • Compatibility Issues
  • Bugs And Glitches

How To Fix Christmas Event Not Showing Up?

Fixing the “Christmas Event Not Showing Up” in MW3 is simple as developers have cleared that there is no problem on their side.

To fix this problem, follow these steps:

1. Check Your Calendar

Before we jump into the action, double-check the calendar in the game.

Sometimes, events are time-sensitive, and if you’re a bit early or late, you might miss the festive celebration.

So, ensure you’re within the event period to enjoy all the holiday goodies.

2. Update Your Game

Make sure your MW3 is up-to-date with all the packages required for the game installed.

Go to your game settings or the platform’s store and check for any available updates.

Since, installing the latest patches can often resolve compatibility issues and bring back the Christmas magic.

3. Check Internet Connection

The magic of the Christmas event requires a solid connection to the online world.

Therefore, ensure your internet connection is stable and if there are issues, troubleshoot your connection or restart your router.

4. Clear Cache And Cookies

Clearing the cache might make the game work as it deletes the old updates files and gives your game room to fill for new ones.

Go to the System Settings, Storage, and then find and select your storage device the choose the clear cache and cookies option.

5. Reinstall The Christmas DLC

 If you have the Christmas DLC downloaded, try uninstalling it and then reinstalling it.

This can fix any corrupted files that might be preventing the event from showing up.

Christmas Event Tab
This is the Christmas Event tab named CODMAS in MW3.

The Bottom Line

Follow these simple steps, and you’ll hopefully be unwrapping your virtual Christmas presents in MW3 in no time.

Hence, do make sure to have strong internet access as MW3 is an online multiplayer game that requires good connectivity.

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