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How To Upgarde Hylian Shield In Totk?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom grants you various weapons and Shields to save yourself from enemies and other natural hazards.

The Hylian Shield is the most recognizable and effective item among various Shields and weapons.

To upgrade the Hylian Shield in Totk, you must complete Purah’s First Initial Quest and collect materials, including Royal Guard’s Claymore, Bokoblin Arm, Soldier Blade, Knights Broadsword, etc.

Continue reading to learn more about Hylian Shield and how to upgrade it.

What Is Hylian Shield In Totk?

The Hylian Shield is inherited by the Hyrulean Royal Family and the legendary hero who exerted it. 

The player can find the Hylian Shield at the docks beneath Hyrule Castle at the coordinates (-0161, 1159, 0037).

Importantly, it is a recurring Shield with high durability of 90 defense output.

Moreover, the Hylian Shield can break even with high durability.

Generally, the motive of the Hylian Shield in the game is to grant exceptional defense and protection to the player.

TotK Hylian Shield
Hylian Shield provides you with 90 base defenses.

How To Upgrade Hylian Shield In Totk?

Hylian Shield is the best in the game, providing up to 90 base defenses.

Let’s study more on how to upgrade the Hylian Shield in TotK.

The Base Level

  1. Basically, put your farmer on, and search for Restless Cricket and some Fire Fruits
  2. Then, navigate to the Local Bow Goblin Camp and collect 3 Bokoblin Horns.
  3. Finally, cook the meal consisting of 3 crickets and one horn. This provides you Energizing Elixir.

Upgrade Level 1

  1. Initially, head towards Landing View Sky Tower. Moreover, you should complete Pura’s First Initial Quest to unlock the glide.
  2. Next, head towards Hyrule Castle 1F, drink one Energizing Exilir and collect 11 Fire Fruits and 1 Horriblin Sledge. This grants you Chest Armor, the Champion Leathers, the first upgrade.

Upgrade Level 2

  1. You must collect Royal Guard’s Spear, Royal Guard Shield, Royal Guard Sword, and Purple 50 rupees. This grants you Royal Guard Cap, which is the second upgrade.

Upgrade Level 3

  1. Further, you must collect Royal Guard’s Claymore, Bokoblin Arm and Soldier Blade.
  2. Then, head towards Hyrule Castle B2  to collect Knights Broadsword. Lastly, these materials upgrade you to the Royal Guard Boots.
Inherited Hylian Shield
Hylian Shield is inherited from the Hyrulean Royal Family.

Upgrade Level 4

  1. Finally, collect Royal Broadsword, Hearty Salmon, 1 Keese Eyeball, 3 Keese Wings, and 6 Fire Fruits. Hence, these materials upgrade you to the Hylian Shield.
  2. The Hylian Shield provides you with 90 defense output.

Here’s a table for your convenience.

Upgrade LevelMaterials Required
Base3 Restless Cricket
Some Fire Fruits
3 Bokoblin Horn
A meal of 3Crickets and 1 Bokoblin Horn
1st1 Energizing Exilir
11 Fire Fruits
1 Horriblin Sledge
2nd Royal Guard's Spear
Royal Guard's Shield
Royal Guard's Sword
Purple 50 Rupees
3rdRoyal Guard's Claymore
Bokoblin Arm
Soldier Blade
Knights Broadsword
4thRoyal Broadsword
Hearty Salmon
1 keese Eyeball
3Keese Wings
6 Fire Fruits
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How To Repair The Hylian Shield In Totk?

The Hylian Shield can break once it reaches its durability.

However, you can repair and reobtain it by performing the Mayoral Election Quests.

Furthermore, you should pay 3000 rupees to Cece at Cece’s Shop.

Similarly, you can use the non-legendary weapon with the Hylian Shield and give it to the Rock Octorok. 

The Rock Octorok
The Rock Octorok repairs your weapon.

Finally, the Rock Octorok inhales the fused items and spits them out after repairing and upgrading them.

However, Rock Octork may not repair Legendary items; it can only repair one item per spawn.

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The Bottom Line

The Hylian Shield is the strong and indestructible object in the Tears of the Kingdom.

It reflects the expectancy and protection to protect Hyrule from destruction.

Boosting the Shield makes you more potent and lets you relish the game more immensely.

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