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How Did Kenshi Lose His Eyes In Mortal Kombat 1?

Kenshi loses his eyes after Mileena goes on a rampage in the Mortal Kombat 1 storyline. 

Furthermore, this event also causes Kenshi and Johnny Cage to become even closer as friends in the game.

Kenshi is a blind swordsman in the Mortal Kombat game. Furthermore, Kenshi loses his eyes in every version of the game, and the causes can be due to the evil sorcerer or a mishap during certain missions. 

Continue reading to explore Kenshi and how Kenshi loses his eyes in Mortal Kombat 1.

Who Is Kenshi In MK1? 

Kenshi Takahashi is one of the playable characters in the Mortal Kombat 1.

Furthermore, the character first debuted in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. 

According to his wiki and story, Kenshi is a rogue Eurasian Heritage swordsman with psychokinetic powers. 

Furthermore, players in the Mortal Kombat universe have seen him constantly saving Ermac and joining up with Jax and Sonya. 

And sometimes joining up with characters like Johnny Cage and Sub-Zero.

Additionally, Kenshi also holds a grudge against the evil sorcerer by the name Shang Tsung. 

In the Mk1 world, Kenshi comes from the Earthrealm and is a Human.

Furthermore, Kenshi features the classic maroon martial artist gear and his trusty sword. 

Kenshi sports various moves that players can use against their enemies.

Furthermore, he can perform two different fatalities. 

To perform the fatalities, players must press a sequence of moves. The sequence is: 

  • First Fatality: Forward, Down, Down, Back Punch at Close Range
  • Second Fatality: Back, Down, Back, Front Punch while standing at Medium range

How Did Kenshi Lose His Eyes In Mk1? 

In every story of Kenshi, he loses his eyes. However, in Mk1, we see how Kenshi loses his eyes in the timeline.

During the game’s story mode, players will see that Kenshi is trying to regain his family sword from Johnny Cage.

However, he is unsuccessful, and Johnny Cage captures him. 

Then, they will meet Liu Kang, who comes to see Johnny Cage in his house.

During the meeting, Liu Kang explains how Johnny Cage and Kenshi Takahashi are chosen as the protectors of Earthrealm. 

There are multiple confrontations between the characters in the meeting. However, they move according to Liu Kang’s plan. 

Then, Johnny Cage, Kenshi and a few other characters head out to infiltrate the Outworld. 

During the infiltration, Kenshi and the team encounter Mileena, who goes on a rampage.

However, during the rampage, Kenshi and the team try to stop her while Tsang Shun prepares a serum to stop her. 

But Mileena overpowers them. Furthermore, Mileena jumps on Kenshi after breaking away from Johnny Cage and his teammates. 

As Mileena is trying to kill Johnny, Kenshi steps in to pull her away from Johnny.

However, this results in Mileena attacking Kenshi and gouging his eyes out. 

The result is Kenshi loses his eyes, and the entire Earthrealm team is put into prison.

During this time, Johnny Cage puts the classic blindfold on Kenshi. 

Later, Johnny Cage ends up giving the Sento to Kenshi; this sword is the signature weapon of Kenshi alongside his iconic blindfold in the Mortal Kombat game. 

kenshi after he lost his eyes
Johnny places the blindfold on Kenshi after he loses his eyes.

The Bottom Line 

Kenshi losing his eyesight is a cannon event in every Mortal Kombat universe.

Furthermore, losing his eyesight differs from one version to another.

But, the current version of the story of how he lost his eyes seems to be well-liked by many players of Mortal Kombat 1. 

Hopefully, this article can explain how Kenshi loses his eyes in Mortal Kombat 1. 

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