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TotK- How To Solve Jailbreak Shrine Puzzle?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers players many exciting puzzles and adventures.

Among them, the most rewarding and challenging puzzle is the Jailbreak Shrine puzzle, which experiments with your skills and creativity with Link’s new abilities.

The Jailbreak Shrine puzzle is located in the Jikais Shrine and requires Ascend and Ultrahand abilities to move the block, escape from different rooms and solve the puzzle.

This guide will show you more detailed walkthroughs on locating and completing the Jailbreak Shrine, where the puzzle is located and reaching the Treasure Chest.

What Is Jailbreak Shrine?

A Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is a mini-dungeon containing puzzles, challenges and rewards.

They are marked by green, and you can find glowing light sources from a far distance, especially at night and from the sky.

Jailbreak Shrine is another name for Jikais Shrine, located in the Lanaryu region in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

This Shrine is called Jailbreak because the player has to escape from a small Jail cell by using a stone slab at one point.

It is a puzzle-based Shrine that uses the Ascend and Ultrahand abilities to move the block and reach the altar.

This Shrine is one of the more imaginative Shrines that reward with a Light of Blessing and a Magic Staff.

Location Of Jikais Shrine (Jailbreak)

There are 152 Shrine locations to find and complete on the game’s two maps, 120 on the surface and 32 on the sky.

You can find Jikais Shrine on the East side of Mount Lanayru region at the coordinates 4266,-1674, 0182.

Here you can use your Telescopic pad function to mark and find it. Additionally, you can also find the map of the Jikais Shrine below.

location of jikais shrine jailbreak
Jikais Shrine is located on the East side of Mount Lanayru region.
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How To Solve Jailbreak Shrine Puzzle?

Solving puzzles and getting out of Jail is not straightforward enough, even with the new abilities of the Link.

You may need some cold resistance gear or elixir to get there, as it is snowy. You can find the key to all the puzzles below.

1. First Jikaise Shrine Puzzle

You can find several large blocks on the wall in the first puzzle, the most involved one. You will see two blocks on the left and two on the right. 

Similarly, you have to use the Ultrahand to move the blocks and the Ascend ability to reach the top of the wall.

Here is how you can solve this puzzle.

  1. First, use Ultrahand to move the blocks on the right so that you can Ascend to the ledge.
use ultra hand to move the block
Use Ultrahand to move the block.
  1. You can pull the big square on the rail closer to you using Ultrahand and jump down to it.
  2. Then, pull the cube above it, Ascend through and climb up another ledge.
  3. Again, Ascend when you are on the ledge and reach the entrance to the second room.

2. Second Jikaise Shrine Puzzle

Here you are in the second Jikasie Shrine puzzle.

You can follow the steps below to complete the second puzzle and claim the rewards in no time.

  1. In the new area, turn right and Ascend the grated platform to get a Magic Staff from a chest with the attack power of four. You can use Ultrahand on the stone slab and line up.
get magic staff
Get magic staff from the Chest.
  1. Now, walk to the part of the slab hanging off the path’s edge and Ascend the pillar.
  2. You will end up in Jail. Here you can use Ultrahand to pick up the stone slab outside the bars and bring it to your Jail cage.
use ultra hand to pick up stone slab
Use Ultrahand to pick up a stone slab.
  1. Then, move on top of the slab and use Recall to break yourself out of Jail.
Move the slab and recall to break jailbreak shrine
You need to move the slab and recall to break.
  1. Finally, interact with the altar and claim your Light of Blessing. It is a key item you can obtain by completing the Shrine Jailbreak to increase your health stamina.
claim your light of blessing
You can now claim your light of the blessing.

3. Third Jikaise Shrine Puzzle

If you cannot land in the cell after ascending through the ceiling, you can try a different block configuration or adjust your timing or angle.

You can solve the puzzle by grabbing the Long Stone Slab with the Ultrahand opposite the Light of Blessing.

However, make sure some of the Long Stone Slab sticks out into the cell, so you can use it to climb up.

Then, lay the Long Stone Slab down horizontally and place it over one of the corners of the cell. 

Here you can jump outside the cell after you reach the top of the Long Stone Slab.

This way, you can complete Jikais Shrine and now claim the Light of Blessing.

The Bottom Line

The Jailbreak Shrine puzzle is a challenge that requires you to use Link’s new abilities, such as Ascend and Ultrahand, to move blocks and escape from different rooms.

By following the above guideline, you should be able to locate, complete, and solve this puzzle.

Possess the Light of Blessing and relishes its power. Have a blast Gaming!

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