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How Tall Is Conduit In Apex Legends?

A weird interaction with Conduit is making players ask how tall Conduit is in Apex Legends.

Furthermore, in Apex Legends, each character functions differently due to their height.

In Apex Legends, Conduit is as tall as an average Asian female. Furthermore, her height is causing a lot of uproar because there are weird interactions due to her shorter stature.

This article discusses how tall the conduit is in Apex Legends.

Who Is Conduit In Apex Legends?

Conduit is one of the new legends players can choose in Apex Legends.

She recently debuted on October 31, 2023. Furthermore, she is a new addition to the roaster in Season 19.

Conduit is of Filipino descent, and according to her official data, her name is Rowenna.

conduit apex legends
Conduit is the new support legend in Apex Legends.

Players can notice that her armour is of Yellow and Blue colours. This is because the suit is crafted from a Titan.

Furthermore, Conduit uses the Titan battery to power her suit and abilities.

Moreover, according to her lore, her sister is related to Titanfall 2. And she was also saved by a Titan during the Frontier wards.

Thus, her using a suit crafted from a Titan does not seem out of place.

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What Are Conduit’s Skills In Apex Legends?

Being a support legend in Apex Legends, she possesses skills that benefit her party the most.

Here is a rundown of her skills in Apex Legends:

1. Savior’s Speed

This passive allows the conduit to gain a burst of speed while running towards her teammate.

The teammate must be out of tactical range for this passive to trigger.

2. Radiant Transfer

This is a tactical skill and allows Conduit to generate a temporary shield on her and her teammate when they are in danger.

3. Energy Barricade

Conduit will deploy an array that will jam shield devices which will slow and damage the enemies.

From the above points, players can see that Conduit focuses a lot on interacting with her teammates.

Thus, players who are keen on playing her must make sure that they are always close to one of their teammates.

What Is The Height Of The Conduit In Apex Legends?

There is no official information on Conduit’s height in Apex Legends.

However, players claim she is around 5 feet 4 inches or 164.59 cm.

This height is very similar to the height of another legend, “Wattson.”

Moreover, it is a speculation because players are comparing her height to Wattson’s when standing beside each other.

conduit is as tall as an asian
Conduit is as tall as an average Asian female.

This question about her height comes mainly because players find how she turns a bit weird.

However, other players claim that every legend in the game has different heights that can cause this discomfort during gameplay.

The Bottom Line

The height of a character can matter in FPS games because certain characters can be more visible than others because of their height.

Furthermore, in the case of Conduit, the way she turns in the game is a bit weird due to her shorter stature.

Thus, players are curious about what her height is and if it is due to her height or other reasons.

Hopefully, this article can guide you in learning about how tall Conduit is in Apex Legends.

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