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How To Change The Aura Color In Xenoverse 2?

In Xenoverse 2, players can find the answer to how to change their aura color by playing the new event called Festival of Universes..

Additionally, Players can change the character’s aura by adding a unique visual flair to them.

In Xenoverse 2,  players can solve the mystery of changing the aura color by unlocking the desired auras from the Festival of the Universes Event.

Continue reading to learn more about the aura and the process of changing the aura color in Xenoverse 2.

Xenoverse 2: An Overview Of The Aura 

Xenoverse 2 is known for its classic characters from the Dragon Ball series with extreme powers and intriguing auras

Players must clearly understand the aura in the Game context before accessing multiple auras.

Auras are the energy fields surrounding the custom character, representing the unique transformation and power-ups.

Similarly, the player can enhance their skills and foster their powers to the next level by acquiring certain auras.

Character with their Aura
The player is displaying one of his aura for demonstration.

In Xenoverse 2, a recent Festival of Universe event,  players can unlock different varieties of Auras.

They can unlock the aura like Super Saiyan Blue aura, Super Saiyan seriesVillainous Mode, Potential Unleashed, and more.

Moreover, unlocking this aura is the key to transforming the custom character to its advanced level.

Furthermore, players can witness their character with a blooming aura during the battle that signifies the gaming experience.

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How To Unlock Aura In Xenoverse 2?

Initially, players must unlock their desired aura before changing their custom character’s aura in Xenoverse 2.

Similarly, players can unlock various kinds of auras by participating in the newly launched Festival of Universes event.

To unlock multiple aura inside the Game, players must join one of the three universe teams: Universe 6, 7, and 11.

Upon entering the universe, players must earn a maximum of about of Glory points by participating in various game modes.

Super Saiyan Aura
Players can retain the Super Saiyan Aura if they reach level 15 with 47000 points.

Moreover, the more glory points players collect, the more beneficial it is as it can be useful during unlocking auras.

Players can follow the simple steps to unlock the aura:

  1. Players must speak with the Universal Lobby reception character to join the Universal team and proceed to the Festival of Universes.
  2. After joining the universe, players should participate in game modes like parallel quests, cross-versus, raid quests, etc.
  3. Participating in these game modes assists players in accumulating the Glory points needed to unlock the auras.
  4. Players have to keep an eye on the weekly rewards as the auras can change week by week.
  5.  Players should coordinate properly with their team to win the event as top-ranked players receive beautiful rewards.

Xenoverse 2: Changing The Aura Color

Players can only change their aura color after they acquire the desired aura from the Festival of Universes.

Upon unlocking the aura, players can now follow the simple steps to experiment with the unlocked aura on their character.

If players are wondering how to change aura color in Xenoverse 2, follow the procedure;

  1. PlGame’sshould access the lobby from Canton City by entering the Game’s social hub.
  2. After entering the lobby, players can now navigate to the “option” menu and select the “Lobby item settings
  3. From the Lobby Items Settings menu, players will find the list of the available auras that they unlocked during the event.
  4. After finding the list of the auras, players have to choose from the available options to choose the aura they wish to equip.
  5. Players choose their aura from the lists, their custom character will now have the selected aura effect.
Xenoverse 2 change aura color
Players can choose the desired aura from the Lobby item settings.

Moreover, players can customize the characters by using specific hairstyles and wigs that resonate with their aura.

For example, players can pair Super Saiyan Blue aura with the appropriate hairstyle for an authentic Super Saiyan Blue transformation.

The Bottom Line

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 allows users to personalize their custom characters and make their own.

Similarly, the ability to change the aura colors and customize the transformations adds unique excitement to the game.

In Summary, players can unlock multiple auras by participating in the Festival of Universes event and easily change their aura color.

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