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How To Dupe Materials Using Arrows In TotK?

Developed by Nintendo, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is an action-packed role-playing game (RPG).

After the recent patch 1.1.2, Nintendo has fixed multiple glitches.

Players of Tears of the Kingdom have discovered a new glitch. The new glitch allows the players to dupe materials using a Bow and a few arrows in TotK. However, the duplication does need a few prerequisites fulfilled.

Continue reading to learn how to duplicate the items and the prerequisites in the Tears of the Kingdom.

How To Dupe Materials Using Arrows In TotK?

Duplication is a method of obtaining multiple copies of the same item or material; however, duplication is an exploit in any game.

Thus, please be cautious when performing this duplication glitch.

First, Let’s talk about the prerequisites to perform the duplication glitch.

  • The players need to have a multi-shot Bow.
  • The multi-shot arrow is obtainable by defeating Lynels.
  • However, if the Bow does not have the multi-shot effect, the players can feed the Bow to Rock Octoroks in Eldin Mountain.
  • The Rock Octoroks will consume the Bow and throw it at the players. The Bow obtained through this method will have a different effect.
  • However, the effect is random and may take a few tries before obtaining the multi-shot effect for the bow.

Once you obtain the multi-shot Bow, the duplication process begins.

Now, let us look at how to duplicate the materials using Arrows in TotK;

  1. First, you need to go into the Tobios Hollow Chasm. The Chasm is an area between the overworld and the depths.
Map Location of Tobio's Hollow Chasm
First, go to Tobio’s Hollow Chasm.
  1. Once inside the Hollow, delve deep. You will get an area where the environment suddenly changes.
Environment Shift Inside The Chasm
You will find Environment Shift inside the Chasm.
  1. Stop between the two environments.
  2. Equip your multi-shot Bow and fuse any material from your backpack to your arrows.
Equipping Materials To Glitch
Equip Materials to use dupe glitch
  1. Shoot the arrows toward the wall. However, make sure to stop after getting 21 copies of the materials.
Duplicated Materials
Shoot towards the wall to duplicate the materials.
  1. Once there are multiple copies of the materials, walk toward them and pick them off the ground.
Increase After Duplication Glitch
Items will increase after Duplication Glitch.
Reminder: The player needs to follow the quest. This quest allows the player to access the Tobios Hollow Chasm. 

Material Duplication Glitch In Totk Considerations

Some materials do break when you shoot them. Prime examples of such materials are Bomb Flowers and Gibdo Bones.

Additionally, players use this glitch to upgrade their batteries by duplicating large Zonites in the game.

Thus, this makes the gameplay experience a lot better for the payers. 

But, as A friendly reminder, Nintendo will fix this glitch in the next patch.

Therefore, multiply your currency as many times as possible right now. 

Note: Please save the game before any glitches. It prevents you from losing materials unnecessarily.

The Bottom Line

A majority of the games nowadays have glitches and bugs.

However, some glitches are game-breaking, while others improve the gameplay for the players.

The duplication glitch is positive among most Zelda players because the game is scarce on materials and currency.

But, it is considered an exploit, and the players can be punished for the exploit.

Hopefully, this article can give you a way to perform the glitch and help you increase the amount of materials you own.

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