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How To Get A Mansion Invite In Jailbreak?

The Mansion in Jailbreak is the newest heist location, added as part of the 2022 Winter update.

It is also known as Monor, which is owned by the CEO in the Coastline Forest.

Players need to get an Invitation to enter the Mansion in the game. You can get a mansion invite in Jailbreak by collecting the Airdrops from the crate, no matter the airdrop type. 

Continue reading to learn more about how to get a mansion invite in Jailbreak.

Mansion In Jailbreak: An Overview

The mansion in Jailbreak is a big gray building surrounded by a metal fence where players enter for robbery.

However, to enter the mansion, you’ll first need the invitation. Once a player has an invite, they can enter inside the gate.

Further, it has a gate that opens automatically when a player gets close to it.

You can see an oval driveway around the fountain when you step inside the gate.

Similarly, there is also a swimming pool behind the mansion.

Inside the Mansion, players need to navigate a series of lasers and obstacles to reach the CEO’s room.

Steps On How To Get A Mansion Invite In Jailbreak

To get a mansion invite in Jailbreak, you must collect an Airdrop. Airdrops are random events that drop from the sky throughout the game.

It contains a variety of items, including weapons, vehicles, and cash.

However, mansion invites are relatively rare but can be found in any type of Airdrop.

Here are the steps on how to get a mansion invite in Jailbreak:

1. Get Weapons

Weapons are primary aspects of the game and are used to defeat enemies with each weapon having its distinct qualities. 

Before starting the mansion heist get as many weapons as possible. The more guns you can get the better.

Weapons in Jailbreak to get invite in mansion.
Weapons in Jailbreak to defeat the NPCs.

Further, these weapons are found at different locations to add to your inventory as you progress in the game. 

2. Get A Helicopter

Airdrops can land anywhere on the map, so you need to be prepared to travel a bit.

You can get a helicopter to find the crate. It makes it easy for players to find the airdrop fast.

getting a helicopter to find crate and get mansion invite
Getting a helicopter to find the crate and get a mansion invite.

Also, the area coverage is high when you use the helicopter to run around at high speed.

3. Fly Around To Find Airdrop Crate

Using the helicopter, you can fly around to find the airdrop crate.

Besides using a helicopter, you can also use other vehicles while searching for the crate.

Flying around to find the Airdrop Crate.
Flying around to find the Airdrop Crate.

Once you locate the crate, you should reach there as soon as possible.

4. Shoot the NPCs

NPCs are present around the crate to guard them. You need to shoot them to get items from the crate.

However, it is very difficult to kill the NPC bandits. There are four NPCs whose job is to guard the Airdrops. They are:

  • The Bodyguard
  • The Chaser
  • The Enforcer
  • The Sniper
Shooting NPCs to get into mansion
Shooting NPCs to collect rewards from the crate.

Make sure you have your guns out. You can use a revolver, rifle, pistol or shotgun to shoot the NPCs.

5. Open The Crate

The crates spawn randomly all over the map. When you see a crate in the sky, run towards it as fast as possible. 

It is very crucial to get to the crate before the enemies.

Further, you have 200 seconds to open the crate. That’s why it is easy to do this with team members of 2-3 people.

Crate in the sky
Crate in the sky.

Besides, players can use the glitch method that saves them from the NPCs and easily opens the crate for airdrop invite.

Open the crate to receive mansion invite.
Open the crate to receive a Mansion invite in Jailbreak.

Another easy method is to directly place yourself under the crate when it’s falling down.

Then you can be inside the box, and no one can hit you. You can just hold E to get items from the crate.

6. Get The Invitation

After this, you can easily get the invitation. You can keep on opening the crate as many times as you want.

You also get a bunch of cash along with the invite.

obtain the invitation
Obtain the invitation.

As you collect more invites, they’ll stack up in the inventory, and you can use them every time you enter the mansion.

Finally, you can go to the mansion and use the invitation to enter the elevator.

How To Defeat NPC Bandits To Get The Crate?

The only difficult part about collecting the Airdrop is to defeat the NPC Bandits.

These NPCs are around the crate to guard the Airdrops. You should defeat all the NPCs to access the crate.

However, they are not easy to defeat. Some strategies you can follow to kill them:

1. Form A Strategy

Firstly, it is important to have a strategy before you engage with the bandits.

It is difficult to defeat the NPCs alone, so you can coordinate with other players to attack.

This makes it easier to defeat them all at once.

2. Use The Right Weapons

The NPC bandits are well-armed, so using the right weapons to defeat them is important.

Each of them have a different kind of weapon and dealing with them requires a unique weapon.

For instance, a sniper rifle is a good choice for taking out the sniper bandit.

3. Glitch Method

This method is used by many players to freeze the NPCs and easily take rewards from the crate.

For this, you need to hold R and E at the same time on your keyboard.

It will glitch the game, and the NPCs won’t shoot you. 

4. Be Patient

You should make sure not to let many NPCs spawn in. Once you’ve killed two NPCs, you have enough time to open up the crate.

Also, if you have a forcefield, you can heal up while opening the crate in case more spawn in. 

Collecting a bunch of cash from the crate.
Collecting a bunch of cash from the crate.

After you open it, you’ll get a random safe and a bunch of cash that you have to collect off the floor.

The Bottom Line

Overall, to complete the Mansion Heist in Jailbreak, you need to have the invitation.

You can get the mansion invite by opening up the crates as soon as it drops and collecting various items along with the invite.

Once you have the invite, you can use it to enter the mansion and rob it.

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