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How To Get Vai Clothes In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Vai Clothes was the best Gerudo Armor in Breath of the Wild due to its high heat resistance, and similar outfits are available in Totk.

However, it’s Desert Voe Armor instead of Vai Clothes in Tears in the kingdom.

Players can get Vai Clothes by purchasing them at Gerudo town. Furthermore, you can acquire it by traveling to Kara Kara Bazaar.

Continue reading to learn more about Vai Armor and how to get Vai Clothes.

What Is Vai Clothes In Totk?

Vai Clothes are essential in Zelda because it provides heat resistance and an attractive style to Link, the Hero of Hyrule. However, Vai Clothes are currently not available in Totk.

Instead, you can use the Desert Voe Armor set, which has attributes similar to Vai Clothes.

You can get Desert Voe Armor in Kara Kara Bazar and Secret Armor shop, which consists of a Desert Voe Headband, Desert Voe Spaulder, and Desert Voe Trousers.

You can purchase a headpiece, the Desert Voe Headband, for 450 rupees.

Similarly, the Desert Voe Spaulder is a chest piece that can be purchased for 1300 rupees.

While the Desert Voe Trouser is a leg piece, you can purchase it for 650 rupees.

How To Get Vai Clothes In Totk?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom consists of 35 Armor sets, each with 2 or 3 pieces.

Additionally, you can get bonus perks when you equip all pieces of the same Armor set.

Furthermore, the Voe Armor set contains three pieces; Desert Voe Headband: The Head Piece, Desert Voe Spaulder: The Chest Piece, and Desert Voe Trouser: The Leg Piece.

You can get a headpiece in Kara Kara Bazar and another two in Gerudo town.

Get Desert Voe Armor/Vai Clothes: The Head Piece

The first piece of Desert Voe Armor, the Desert Voe Headband, is relatively easy to get, contrary to the other two.

In addition, you can find Desert Voe Headband inside Kara Kara bazaar.

Follow the steps outlined below to get the Head Piece;

  1. Navigate to Kara Kara Bazar using the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.
Kara Kara bazar
Navigate to the Kara Kara Bazaar in Zelda.
  1. Head to the opposite of the Oasis and interact with the Greudo Resident Saula.
How To Get Val Clothes In Totk?
A Gerudo Resident offers Link the Desert voe Armor in Tear of the Kingdom.
  1. You must pay 450 rupees after you finish the Interaction.

Finally, Desert Voe HeadBand is yours, which grants you plenty of hints about the location of Desert Voe Armor.

Get Desert Voe Armor: The Chest Piece And Leg Piece

The Desert Voe Armor: The chest and Leg pieces can be found in a Secret Armor Shop at the coordinate (– 3793, -2924, and 0043 ) in Gerudo Town.

How To Get Vai Clothes In Totk??
The Location of Desert Voe Armor in Tears of Kingdom.

Follow the steps outlined below to obtain the Desert Voe Armor: The Chest Piece And Leg Piece;

  1. To get to the hidden club, get to Gerudo Town.  
get Vai Clothes in TotK
Link Searching for the Well to descend in Gerudo Town.
  1. Descend the Well in the southwest corner of town.
Southwest-well-in gerudo-town
Link prepares himself to descend into the Well while running to get Armor.
  1. Swim until you come across the Stonewall.
Stone Wall
Link Standing next to the Stonewall before breaking it in Zelda.
  1. Destroy the Wall Stonewall using your fused Weapons and keep moving forward until you find another pathway.
How To Get Vai Clothes In Totk??
Link Breaking the wall to open the path to reach the hidden store in Tears of the Kingdom.
  1. Switch to the Ascend ability.
Ascend ability
Link Switching to ascend ability to go up to reach the secret shop.
  1. Ascend to the ceiling above, and you will emerge into the Secret Armor Shop.
Acending to Secrect shop
Link ascends to the secret Armor shop in Tear of the Kingdom.
  1. Look for the Armor on the left side; you can find Desert Voe Spaulder and Desert Voe Trousers.
Locating the Armor
After Reaching the Shop, Link searches for the Armor.
  1. Again, you must pay 1300 Rupees for the chest piece and 650 Rupees for the leg piece to get them.
Leg piece
Link is paying for the Leg piece of Desert Voe Armor in Zelda.

The Bottom Line

Vai Clothes is the Armor that was not included in Tears of the Kingdom.

Instead, you can get the closest Armor to Vai Clothes is the Desert Voe Armor.

Furthermore, you can get the Desert Voe Armor, unlike other Armor like the Yiga Armor.

Moreover, Desert Voe Armor provides set bones of damage reduction from electric attacks.

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