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Palworld Console Commands To Spawn Items

Players can set up a dedicated server which gives them access to a series of console commands when they spawn in Palworld.

Unfortunatley, players have a hard time finding each command due to complexity.

In Palworld, players get access to certain Console commands, meaning there are no item Spawn commands in the current game version. Nevertheless, Palworld might introduce this feature in the future due to its popularity.

Continue reading this article to learn about all the Console and Spawn commands in Palworld.

What Are Commands In Palworld?

Palworld is a popular monster-hunter game that supports online and offline modes.

Players can also set up their dedicated servers to play the game with their friends.

This would mean that the server’s host can set their own rules in their server.

Therefore, the game provides various console commands for the host to manipulate the server environment.

Using admin password to enter the server
Players can type the admin password in the chatbox in Palworld.

However, players must use the admin password to enter the specific server and use these console commands.

Each command starts with a / followed by the name of the activity that it promises to implement on the server.

For example, the /Info command displays the server information to the players that are on the server.

Hence, players must learn about all such commands to conduct various activities across their servers.

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Are There Console Commands To Spawn Items In Palworld?

Many players have raised some queries in online forums regarding the availability of item spawn commands in Palworld.

However, players are left disappointed as there are no working console commands to spawn items in the game.

This limits the host from adding items like guns and loot to the dedicated server.

Nevertheless, players have discovered an alternate way to achieve this feat using WeMod which is a mod application.

But they must note that even WeMod has no exact mod to spawn items in the game instantly.

Using WeMod to spawn campfire in palworld
Using WeMod to spawn and place items in Palworld.

Using WeMod, players can use the Instant Crafting mod to craft items like chests or campfires without any delay.

The only issue, however, is that the game quickly crashes when they use this mod for an extended period.

All Known Console Commands In Palworld

Currently, players can utilize 10 unique console commands in their server in Palworld. They are:

/InfoDisplays Server Description in the game.
/SaveInstantly save the world data.
/ShowPlayersDisplays all the players connected in the server.
/DoExitInstantly stops the server,
/Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText}Shuts down the server after the displayed time.
/KickPlayer {Steam ID}Kicks a specific player from the server
/BanPlayer {Steam ID}Bans a specific player from the server.
/Broadcast {MessageText}Displays the written message to everyone in the server.
/TeleportToPlayer {Steam ID}Teleports the host to the specific player.
/TeleportToMe {Steam ID}Teleports a specific player to the host.

In the above table, the console commands starting from / only allow the host to manipulate the server.

Similarly, the console commands with / and {} allow the host to manipulate other player’s activities in the game.

The Bottom Line

Palworld is an interactive world that allows players to cooperate with other players to capture and defeat monsters.

However, the game is lacking in some departments as it still fails to provide item spawn commands for players.

Hence, players must become active in online communities to discover news about this feature in future updates.

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