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How To Heal A Camel In Minecraft?

Camels are a new introduction in Minecraft 1.20 update. Furthermore, the players consider Camels to be one of the best rideable mobs in the game. 

In Minecraft 1.20, players are able to tame Camels. However, the Camels can take damage similar to other mobs when attacked by various aggressive mobs. But, the Camels can regenerate health over time. Additionally, players can heal the Camels in other ways too.  

Continue reading to learn how to obtain a Camel and heal them when they get hurt in Minecraft.

How To Obtain A Camel In Minecraft? 

In Minecraft 1.20, players can tame a Camel, a new addition to the available mobs in Minecraft. 

However, to tame a Camel, the players must first overcome a few hurdles. 

The Camels are a mob type that spawns only in the Desert Biome, specifically in Desert Villages.

Furthermore, Camels will not spawn in a Desert village of an old world. 

However, if the player is yet to discover the Desert Village in the old world, the Camel can spawn there. 

In-Game Model Of Camel in Minecraft
In-Game Model Of Camel in Minecraft

Furthermore, the players can tame a camel in Minecraft by directly mounting it or putting a saddle on its back.

In addition, Camels are a passive mob, thus, they will not show any form of hostility toward the players. 

What Can Camels Do In Minecraft? 

The Camels are one of the best transportation mediums in Minecraft where they can dash and jump. 

Additionally, Camels are the tallest mobs that the players can mount.

Thus, various other aggressive mobs such as; Zombies, Hoglins, Endermites, Sword Piglins and Silverfish cannot attack the players. 

However, Camels cannot ride into deep water similar to horses. Additionally, two players can mount the same Camel. 

Furthermore, the Camels cannot wear armor, unlike horses who can wear armor. 

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How To Heal A Camel In Minecraft?

Players can heal a Camel in Minecraft by feeding it cactus.

However, Camels heal on their own, albeit a lot slower. Additionally, when the players feed a cactus to the Camel, it heals two hearts

Furthermore, Camels take damage from Cactus blocks, even though Camels are bred using cacti.

How To Breed Camels In Minecraft?

The breeding process for Camels is very simple. All you need to do is feed two Camels of opposite genders cactus, and they will breed to give birth to a baby Camel. 

Additionally, the Camels will follow the players when they show their favorite food which is a Cactus.

Furthermore, the players can speed up the growth process of the Camel by feeding them Cactus. 

Two Camels In Minecraft
You can heal Camel by feeding cactus.

The Bottom Line

In Minecraft 1.20, Camels are a great form of transportation.

However, like other mobs, they can take damage and even die.

But, if the Camels can regenerate health themselves, and with the player’s help, the health regen process can even speed up. 

Hopefully, this article can help you understand how to heal the Camel and give a general idea of where to obtain them. 

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