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How To Help The Spirit Of The Amulet BG3?

To help the spirit of the amulet in Bg3, players must find a tomb in Act 2. 

Furthermore, the tomb’s location only becomes clear after leaving a certain city in Act 2. 

The help of the spirit of the amulet brings forth a new NPC that is cursed to laugh uncontrollably. However, if you help him fulfill his request, you can rid him and even obtain a great spell after ending the quest. 

Continue reading to learn about the spirit of the amulet and how to help him in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is The Spirit Of The Amulet In BG3? 

The spirit of the amulet is a monk that inhabits the sentient amulet.

Upon acquiring the amulet, the cursed monk inhabiting the amulet will start laughing uncontrollably. 

Furthermore, the sentient amulet also provides the players with three different abilities for the players to use. 

However, the skills are class-specific; thus, players may be unable to access every skill the amulet provides. 

After obtaining the amulet and meeting the cursed monk, he will request you help him. 

Furthermore, before equipping the amulet, you must undergo a wisdom check to resist the curse of laughing uncontrollably. 

After resisting the curse, you can ask the monk a few questions:

  • Insight to find the spirit’s intentions aren’t hostile.
  • Investigation to examine the amulet more closely.

However, if you cannot get these questions, you must find a companion with the skill to talk to spirits.

This skill will greatly benefit you during this quest.

Furthermore, before being able to converse with the cursed monk, you must find the amulet first. 

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Location Of The Sentient Amulet In BG3

Before interacting with the cursed monk, you must first acquire the amulet.

The amulet is rather easy to locate since you have to enter this location for other equipment. 

Furthermore, unlike other stronger or better items, you will find the amulet early in the game. 

Here are the steps to locate the sentient amulet in Baldur’s Gate 3:

  1. First, head directly to the Adamantine Forge. You will find the forge in the Underdark.
Adamantine forge
Jump on the small platform with the stairs on your right.
  1. On your right, you will find a path that leads to an area filled with lava.
Adamantine chest
Move through the lava to find the amulet.
  1. After entering the area, on your right, you will find platforms leading to the main area containing a chest.
  2. Use your movement abilities to pass through the platforms and reach the area containing the chest.
help the spirit of the amulet bg3
Find the amulet inside the chest on the central platform.
  1. Interact with the chest; inside, you will find the sentient amulet.
sentinel amulet is inside chest bg3
The sentinel amulet is inside the chest with other items.

Furthermore, as a cautionary information, you must go up against a Lava Elemental before moving through the platforms. 

Thus, ensure that you are well-prepared for the battle before entering the area. 

How To Help The Spirit Of The Amulet In BG3? 

After finding the amulet and talking with the cursed monk, he will request you help him. 

The request is to find his granddaughter, who resides in Wyrm’s Crossing and give the amulet to her.

You can simply accept the request, which will stay in your quest logs. 

However, you will not find or enter Wyrm’s crossing until you leave the Shadow-cursed lands in Act 2. 

After you reach Wyrm’s crossing, head to the Open Hand Temple.” The temple is north of the “Circus of the Last Days.” 

Here, you can ask about Shirra Clarwen (Granddaughter of the cursed monk).

However, upon asking about her, you will find she died years ago. 

Furthermore, she is currently buried beneath the temple.

To enter her tomb, head to the kitchen. Here, you will find a hatch that leads to a crypt where she is buried. 

help the spirit inside the amulet bg3
Interact with the tomb to help the spirit of the amulet.

After you find the tomb, interact with it, and the monk will take over her body and talk to you.

Here, you can either accept the madness or decide to kill the monk once and for all. 

If you accept the madness, you must go through a pair of rolls to neutralize it. However, if you fail both rolls, it will deduct your Wisdom by -2.

Furthermore, failing one will decrease it by -1, so make sure to succeed in both rolls.

Upon either defeating the monk or neutralizing the curse, it will reward you with free use of “Tasha’s Hideous Laughter” per long rest. 

This will end the quest to help the spirit of the amulet in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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The Bottom Line

The interactions with the NPCs in Baldur’s Gate 3 world can greatly impact the story’s progress. 

Furthermore, at certain times, aligning with certain NPCs can have negative effects on you that may be impossible to eradicate. 

If you help the spirit of the amulet BG3, you can permanently lose a total of 2 wisdom points; this can be massive for certain classes. 

Thus, make sure only to choose the options that will not permanently impact you. 

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