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BG3 Shared Stash: Possible Solutions

A huge change in shared stash appears in the recent patch of the BG3.

However, many players claim the feature is annoying and just there to ruin the game.

The BG3 Shared Stash transfers story items appropriately to another member when removing the party members. Rather, it transferred all the items of the party members to the main characters. To overcome that, transfer the single bag to the camp, use the traveler’s chest and give access to inventories to all members.

Continue reading more about the shared stash and if there’s a possibility to turn off the shared stash on BG3.

Shared Stash In Baldur’s Gate 3 

The shared stash is a feature that helps to keep the items obtained via loot or mission progression.

If players are at a party, they and the other members can also use the inventory.

Players can store the items in the shared stash in the campfire.

It would be best if players store unessential items for every party member simultaneously, as they cannot be shared at once.

The feature appeared on the Patch 3 of Baldurs Gate 3 on September 22.

bg3 shared stash
Baldur’s Gate 3: Patch 3

This patch has made hundreds of improvements and solved various glitches and bugs.

However, all the changes, including the shared stash, have made some players rage over Larian Studios.

The patch assures the transfer of the story items and the characters in the inventory to another party member after a member leaves.

Shared Stash Problems

The shared stash may have solved some issues, but it has become a headache for the players to manage the inventory.

All the items in the shared stash are directly passed to the main character inventory.

The transfer of the items has made the inventory disorganized, making it difficult to select preferable items quickly in the game progression.

Also, the game provides all the camp supplies and the pouch even after changing the character.

Unfortunately, players also have to requip chest full of other back every time after calling back in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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BG3 Turn Off Shared Stash

The Shared Stash feature was introduced to simplify inventory usage but has made it disorganized. 

There is no exact mechanism to disable the inventory; however, there are specific fixes to organize the items.

Shared stash’s issue will most likely be solved in the upcoming Hotfix; till then, players may find any possible mods.

Also, try to interact with the party members, manage the inventories accordingly and limit the party members.

Using a single bag and transferring the item to the camp would be best before disabling the party in  Baldur’s Gate 3.

Lastly, other possible solutions are using the traveler’s chest and allowing every party member to access the inventory.

The Bottom Line

The Shared Stash feature in Baldur’s 3 helps to transfer inventories to other members when a party is dismissed.

Unfortunately, the items are transferred in the main character’s inventory.

There is no exact solution to the problem; however, players can use a single bag to store them in the camp before leaving the party.

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