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That Which Guards In BG3: Location And Reward

That Which Guards is a potent enemy player can come across in the BG3.

Players who defeat the enemy in the quest will earn the exclusive item.

That Which Guards in BG3 is one of the three guards of the front door of the Mrunal Tribunal. Players will receive Blackguard’s Sword as a loot after beating the enemy.

Continue reading to discover the exact location of That Which Guard and the loot players can obtain from him in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Who Is That Which Guards In BG3?

That Which Guards is the enemy who appears in the Impress the Murder Tribunal Quest in Act 3.

He is one of the three enemies guarding the front door of the Murder Tribunal.

Impress the Murder Tribunal
The Which Guards guarding the front door.

He is present there with other guards, including That Which Lurks and That Which Watches.

However, That Which Guards is powerful among all of them thanks to his Compelled Duel.

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How To Defeat That Which Guards In Baldur’s Gate 3?

If Players are willing to reach the That Which Guards location and defeating procedure, ensure to follow the procedure;

1. Reach The Bhaalist Crypt

Initially, players should head towards the Bhallist Crypt, where the Mrunal tribunal is located.

If players are starting the journey from the Lower City, they should search for Canduhallow’s Tombstone using the shop key.

Later, enter the office and use the Cellar door to reach the Bhaalist Crypt.

Canduhallow's Tombstone
Access the Cellar door by breaking the bookshelf.

2. Go To Tribunal Antechamber 

After reaching the Bhaalist Crypt, search for a getaway to reach the Tribunal Antechamber. Also, ensure to grab any chests in the path.

Tribunal Antechamber
Enter the Tribunal Antechamber.

The Antechamber is right beside the huge broken wall and has three guards inside the door.

3. Interact With That Which Guards

As soon as players enter the door, one of the three guards, That Which Guards, will approach them.

that which guards bg3
That Which Guards approach the player.

The guard will threaten the players to kill off while they try to enter the Murder Tribunal.

In addition, the player will have multiple dialogue options to select from; pick one that rages him for approaching the battle.

that which guards bg3
Pick the dialogue option that initiates the fight.

4. Beat That Which Guards Of BG3

A, That Which Guards is a powerful enemy; make sure to use your skill and ability best. 

Ensure to use the fireballs for enhanced damage and fight passively.

Also, don’t try to battle simultaneously with the other guards.

Equip the legendary weapons and spells that come in handy in the fight.

Every player has a different strategy and technique to win the battle; apply the strategy that suits the class and preference.

After successfully defeating That Which Guards, players will receive Blackguard’s Sword as a loot.

Blackguard's sword
Obtain the Blackguard’s sword from That Which Guards.

It is a rare longsword with an initial range and value of 2.5 m and 25,0, respectively.

Impress The Murder Tribunal

After beating That Which Guards, players continue the quest: Impress The Murder Tribunal.

Otherwise, players can simply choose to show the victim’s hand to the guard and enter inside.

Upon entering, the head of the Murder Tribunal is revealed: Sarevok Anchev.

Players will get multiple dialogue options, where they can either kill off all of them or become an unholy assassin.

Impress the murder tribunal
Choose any dialogue option.

Players should Baptize in the blood and kill the creature to become an unholy assassin.

Additionally, players will receive Acolyte: Liturgy of Blood as a reward from the Anchev or a powerful sword and a helmet for beating him.

The Bottom Line

That Which Guard is one of the guards of the Murder Tribulal’s Front door in the Bhaalist Crypt.

As the guard is quite challenging, he makes sure to get the best use of the classes players use and fight passively.

Also, ensure to obtain the loot if all three guards consist of Blackguard’s sword and armor, and meet the Murder Tribunal.

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