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Obtain The Golden Pocket Watch In Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov asks players to collect many valuables during missions, including the Golden Pocket Watch.

However, the game’s location is quite confusing, and many players cannot obtain it.

To obtain Escape from Tarkov’s Golden Pocket Watch, players must activate the Background Check quest, find the Machinery Key, use the key to unlock the fuel tanker truck at the Customs construction site, and retrieve the watch from inside the truck.

In this article, we will discuss how to obtain the Golden Pocket Watch in Escape From Tarkov.

What Is The Golden Pocket Watch In Escape From Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, the Golden Pocket Watch also known as the Bronze pocket watch is a significant quest item given by Prapor.

The name of the task is Background Check and after you complete it you will receive the pocket watch.

Prapor assigns players the task of retrieving this antique timepiece, emphasizing its importance as a family heirloom.

bronze pocket watch
The Golden Pocket Watch is a valuable item in Tarkov.

Moreover, the players must explore specific locations in the game and face challenges to obtain the watch.

Additionally, completing this task contributes to the player’s progression in the game.

It also fulfills a personal mission for Prapor, who wishes to send the watch to the deceased comrade’s kid.

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How To Obtain The Golden Pocket Watch In Tarkov?

To obtain the Golden Pocket Watch, follow this guide step by step:

1. Activate The Quest

Players need to reach at least Level 2 to initiate the Background Check quest.

Further, Prapor assigns the quest after completing the Luxurious Life quest.

Likewise, the primary objective of this quest is to obtain the Pocket Watch.

However, there’s an optional objective to acquire the key for the fuel tanker truck.

Correspondingly, the final step involves handing over the pocket watch to Prapor.

Moreover, the quest type is “PickUp,” which occurs on the Customs map.

However, this quest is also mandatory for acquiring the Kappa Container.

2. Find Quest Items

The “Machinery Key” is essential and found in Room 205 of the three-story dormitory. It unlocks the fuel truck cabin door.

Also, the quest item is the Golden Pocket Watch on a Chain, which needs to be delivered to Prapor.

3. Locate The Golden Pocket Watch

To obtain the pocket watch, you must first find the machinery key.

Here is how you can locate the machinery key:

  1. Navigate to the three-story dormitory on Customs.
  2. Locate Room 205 on the second floor.
  3. Access the room by jumping on a bed.
  4. Search the yellow jacket for the Machinery Key.
machinery key
Obtain the machinery key from this building.
  1. Now, you must head to the construction site.
  2. Further, move north towards the Customs construction site.
  3. Use the Machinery Key to unlock the driver’s side door of the fuel tanker truck.
construction site tarkov
This is what the construction site looks like.

4. Retrieve The Golden Pocket Watch

Inside the truck, locate the Golden Pocket Watch on the floor, in front of the driver’s seat.

Further, hand over the watch to Prapor to complete the Background Check quest.

tanker unlock
Unlock this tanker and retrieve the Golden Pocket Watch.

After you complete this quest, hand over the watch to Prapor.

Here, he expresses gratitude and rewards the player for completing the quest.

Additionally, for the rewards, you will receive:

  • +1,800 EXP
  • An increase in Prapor Rep by 0.03
  • Roubles based on Intelligence Center Level
  • A Simonov SKS 7.62×39 carbine
  • 60 rounds of 7.62x39mm PS gzh ammunition
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The Bottom Line

In Escape from Tarkov, the Golden Pocket Watch is a crucial quest item tied to Prapor’s Background Check task.

Completing the quest satisfies a personal mission for Prapor and advances the player’s progression in the game.

Moreover, The Golden Pocket Watch adds depth to the game’s narrative, blending personal stories with strategic objectives.

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