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How To Get Taxidermy In Bitlife?

One of the features that BitLife offers is the ability to taxidermy, which means preserving the bodies of animals or humans as decorations.

However, to become a successful taxidermist in the game, you need to complete a specific challenge and follow certain steps.

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What Is Taxidermy In BitLife?

Taxidermy in Bitlife is a hobby that you can pursue if you have a passion for animals and hunting.

You can taxidermy any animal that you hunt or encounter in the game, such as deer, bears, lions, tigers, elephants, and even humans.

To taxidermy an animal, you need to first kill it, either by hunting, poaching, or attacking.

Then, you need to go to the activities tab and select the taxidermy option.

Taxidermy description in Bitlife.

You will be asked to choose an animal from your inventory, and then pay a fee to taxidermy it.

The fee depends on the size and rarity of the animal and can range from a few hundred to several million dollars.

Once you taxidermy an animal, it will be added to your assets as a trophy, and you can view it in your home or sell it for profit.

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Getting Taxidermy In BitLife

To taxidermy in BitLife, you need to first kill someone or find a dead animal.

You can kill someone by using the Crime menu under Activities and choosing a murder method.

Alternatively, you can find a dead animal by going hunting, fishing, or encountering a random event.

However, killing someone or finding a dead animal does not guarantee that you will get the taxidermy option.

It depends on several factors, such as:

1. Rarity And Size Of The Animal

The rarer and bigger the animal, the more likely you will get the taxidermy option.

For example, killing a lion or a shark will give you a higher chance than killing a rabbit or a fish.

2. Relationship And Status Of The Person

The closer and more famous the person, the more likely you will get the taxidermy option.

For example, killing your spouse or a celebrity will give you a higher chance than killing a stranger or a criminal.

3. Availability And Cost Of The Taxidermist

The more available and affordable the taxidermist, the more likely you will get the taxidermy option.

For example, living in a city with a high supply and low demand will give you a higher chance than a low supply and high demand.

Once you get the taxidermy option, you need to have enough money to pay for it.

The price of the taxidermy varies depending on the type and quality of the corpse.

Generally, the more exotic and realistic the taxidermy, the more expensive it is.

For example, taxidermying a human or a rare animal will cost more than taxidermying a common animal.

How To Complete The Just Desserts Challenge In BitLife?

The Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife is a weekly challenge that requires you to complete five tasks related to taxidermy.

The Just Desserts Challenge
The Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife.

The five tasks are as follows:

1. Be Born A Female

To complete the first task, you need to create a new female character or use an existing one.

The location and other attributes of your character do not matter for this challenge.

2. Have Children With 2+ Married Men

To complete the second task, you need to hook up with two married men and have unprotected sex with them.

You can find married men by using the Dating App or the hook-up option under Love.

Make sure to have children with both of them before you turn 40, as you may hit menopause and become infertile after that age.

Hook up
Hook up with one of the baby daddies.

3. Hook Up With 2+ Baby Daddies At Least Once

To complete the third task, you need to call one of the baby daddies and hook up with him.

Furthermore, you need to improve and raise your relationship bar.

If you got rejected, then try again with another one and improve your relationship.

4. Marry One Of Your Baby Daddies

To complete the fourth task, choose one of the baby daddies which has a higher relationship.

However, if you can’t marry anyone of them then hook up with them again and increase the relationship.

When one of them chooses to marry, then set up a plan for the wedding and get married.

5. Murder And Taxidermy Your Baby Daddy-Husband

To complete the fifth task, you need to murder your husband, which can be done by going to Activities, then Crime and select Murder.

Select your husband’s name and pick a method that is more violent and successful.

Afterward, when your husband is dead you will see an option to Taxidermy his body.

After selecting Taxidermy the challenge will be complete.

Taxidermy option
Get the Taxidermy option in Bitlife.
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