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Can You Replace Hylian Shield In Totk?

The Hylian Shield in Tears of the Kingdom is located beneath the Hyrule Castle around the docks.

Moreover, it is the inheritance of the Hyrulean Royal Family and the Legendary Heroes who wielded it.

Fortunately, you can replace the Hylian Shield in Totk and retain its durability with other Shields such as the Boko Shield, the Fighters Shield, Rubber Armor, etc.

Keep reading the information regarding the durability and the replacements of the Hylian Shield.

What Is The Durability Of The Hylian Shield In Totk?

The durability of the Hylian Shield describes the potentiality of the damage it can take during the game.

However, the Hylian Shield has the highest rank among all the Shields in the case of durability, with 800. Similarly, it provides the base defense of 90.

In addition, it can resist a maximum number of attacks and firings that may even be from fused items such as the Flame Emitters.

Inherited Hylian Shield
Hylian Shield deflects the projectile and enemy attacks.

In contrast, it can break if it takes lots of damage in the game.

Furthermore, the Hylian Shield can be made more durable by feeding Rock Octorok with it before it breaks.

Why Should You Replace Hylian Shield In Totk?

Though the Hylian Shield is one of the most robust weapons in the game, you may desire to replace it with its importance.

Let’s discuss more about the reasons why one should replace the Shield.

  1. Even though the Shield has the greatest durability, it tends to degrade after withstanding a maximum number of attacks.
  2. Once you start replacing the Hylian Shield, you can retain its durability and use it for other crucial purposes. 

Can You Replace The Hylian Shield In Totk?

Moreover, Hylian Shield is for its purpose, and one shouldn’t use it randomly, which degrades durability.

There are few weapons and Shields similar to the Hylian Shield in appearance and function. 

Vigorously, you can replace the Hylian Shield with the Royal Guards Shield, the Royal Shield and the Knights Shield.

The Fighter’s Shield is quite similar to Hylian Shield in terms of design and can block some projectiles and enemy attacks.

Similarly, you can replace Hylian Shield with Rubber Armor for electric shock and lightning disasters.

Complete Rubber Armor
The Rubber Armor protects you from lightning and electric attacks.

Moreover, you can use the Hero’s Shield from the Majora’s Mask and The Wind Wanker, as it blocks electric attacks and projectiles.

However, do not forget to use the Ancient Shield with a blue glow.

It also aids in deflecting the Guardian lasers and blocking attacks from the enemies.

Ancient Shield
Ancient Shield deflects the Guardian lasers.

Nevertheless, you can think about the Boko Shield built from the Bokoblin hooking to any flat tree bark with a handhold.

Also, you can replace it with the Old Wooden Shield as it can resist lighter attacks, such as arrows.

However, you can reobtain the Hylian Shield in the game by performing the required quests.

In addition to this, you can fuse it with normal weapons and take help from the Rock Octorok. 

Continue reading to discover why Rock Octorok may not repair weapons in some cases.

The Bottom Line

In Tears of The Kingdom, you can reobtain the Hylian Shield by executing the Mayoral Election quest.

More importantly, no Shields can replace the Hylian Shield; these Shields simply help you retain durability.

Hopefully, this article will clarify the concepts of replacing the Hylian Shield. However, it is up to you which Shield to use in different situations. 

Continue reading the ideas to upgrade the Hylian Shield and the Hylian Trousers in Totk.
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