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How To Fight The Tutorial Boss In Armored Core 6?

The Tutorial boss in Armored Core 6 is the first boss players will encounter.

It is the AH12 HC Helicopter which has aerial combat, powerful rockets and machine guns which makes it very difficult to fight.

You can fight the Tutorial Boss in Armored Core 6 by staying near the helicopter to avoid rockets, firing near the boss, slashing with your arm blades and continuously attacking it.

This article will explore the Tutorial Boss and how you can defeat him.

Who Is The Tutorial Boss In Armored Core 6?

The Tutorial Boss that players encounter early on in Armored Core 6 is an AH12 HC Helicopter.

This challenging first opponent is designed to teach new players the basics of combat while also providing a skill check.

However, many find it to be disproportionately difficult compared to other early-game bosses in the Armored Core series.

The AH12 HC Helicopter pilots an advanced aerial mech equipped with rockets and machine guns.

Its ability to hover and rain down long-range fire from above gives it a significant advantage over the starter AC with which players begin the game.

The helicopter is also programmed to be aggressive in maintaining distance from the player’s mech, making direct melee attacks difficult.

All of these factors contribute to its reputation as one of the toughest first bosses in any FromSoftware game.

helicopter tutorial boss
The Tutorial Boss in AC6 is the AH12 HC Helicopter.

What Makes The Tutorial Boss In AC6 So Hard To Beat?

There are several reasons the AH12 HC Helicopter poses such a challenge for new players:

  • Unfamiliar Flight Mechanics: Aerial combat is new for many, and flying/hovering mechs handle very differently than ground units.
  • Inferior Starter AC: Early equipment lacks ranged firepower or mobility options to deal with an airborne foe.
  • Ranged Attacks: Powerful rockets and machine guns outrange, starting laser cannons, punishing mistakes harshly.
  • Mobility: The helicopter can quickly retreat or pursue the player across the large arena.
  • Tutorial Expectations: Players still learn controls but face an opponent requiring advanced tactics to defeat.
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Where To Find The Tutorial Boss?

To take on the AH12 HC Helicopter, players must first complete the opening story and combat tutorial:

  1. Accept the first mission, “Tutorial 1,” from the mission board in the hangar.
  2. Fly to the indicated desert arena location on the world map.
  3. Engage in practice combat against weak ground enemies.
  4. After defeating them, the helicopter will spawn and immediately initiate combat.

How To Get To The Helicopter? Detailed Mission Steps

The Tutorial Boss in Armored Core 6 is the first boss you will encounter.

Here are the steps on how you can get to him:

  1. Fly to the desert arena and practice basic maneuvers on the way.
  2. 3-4 ground enemies will appear; destroy them with laser cannons.
  3. Work on targeting, boosting, and evasive dodges in this warmup fight.
  4. Upon clearing all enemies, the helicopter boss spawns.

How To Fight The Helicopter Tutorial Boss?

To defeat the challenging AH12 HC Helicopter, focus on these key strategies:

  1. Melee Attacks: Boost directly to the boss and slash with your arm blades twice before retreating.
  2. Stay Close: Remain near or beneath the helicopter to avoid rocket barrages.
  3. Evade Rockets: Dodge salvos with multiple directional dodges or by ascending and descending.
  4. Disrupt Lock-Ons: Fire near the boss to break missile tracking before they hit.
  5. Stagger and Disable: Continually attack its stagger gauge to remove weapon subsystems.
attack tutorial boss
Remain near or beneath the helicopter to avoid rocket barrages.

Advantages Of Defeating The Tutorial Boss In Armored Core 6

Defeating the menacing AH12 HC Helicopter Tutorial Boss provides several important rewards and unlocks that allow players to progress further in Armored Core 6.

First and foremost, overcoming this challenging initial opponent will grant a sense of accomplishment for mastering the game’s basic aerial combat mechanics.

With practice of the strategies learned from this fight, players can feel ready to take on more difficult bosses later in the game.

In addition, players will receive a Credit payout for their victory over the Tutorial Boss.

These Credits are essential as they provide the means to upgrade and customize a player’s starting AC at the hangar upgrade vendors.

Whether it’s improving armor, boost speed, or weapon loadouts, the Credits unlocked after beating the helicopter make meaningful upgrades possible.

This transforms the starter AC from its weak starting state into a more formidable war machine capable of surviving tougher battles.

Additionally, defeating the Tutorial Boss unlocks the ability for players to continue accepting new missions around the game world.

With the helicopter hurdle overcome, access to more story and combat missions opens up.

This allows the exploration of new zones with greater challenges that test the skills learned in the opening hours.

Progressing further into Armored Core 6’s narrative and unlocking ever-stronger enemy encounters is only made possible after besting the introductory boss.

Overall, overcoming this initial skill check rewards players with funds, upgrades, and the key to experiencing all Armored Core 6 has to offer going forward in their mercenary career.

The Bottom Line

Players of the Armored Core 6 are finding it difficult to fight the powerful Tutorial boss.

Some find it unnecessary, whereas most of the negative reviews of the game are by players who cannot defeat the Tutorial boss.

With the practice of these close-range hit-and-run tactics, players can overcome Armored Core 6’s notoriously difficult opening boss.

Mastering this aerial duel provides valuable lessons that help in later high-flying encounters.

Happy Gaming!

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