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Robin Death In HSR: Spoilers Ahead

If you are a fan of Honkai Star Rail then you might be wondering about what fate Robin will have in version 2.0.

However, in version 2.0 of Honkai Star Rail, you can see her dying in a cutscene.

This incident caused shockwaves in the Honkai Star Rail Community as the beloved character Robin meets Tragic Fate.

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Who Is Robin In Honkai Star Rail?

Honkai Star Rail has come up with the version 2.0 update launched on Tuesday, February 6.

Its Penacony characters are breaking the internet with their unique designs and standout personalities.

Similarly, Robin is an NPC of Halovian descent, known for her angelic appearance, who has halos on top of the head.

Robin is one of the 5-star character in HSR
Robin is one of the 5-star characters in HSR.

She is the cosmic superstar and the sister of Sunday, who is the Organizer of the Charmony Festival.

Both Robin and Sunday are the representatives of The Family in Penacony, the Planet of Festivities.

Notably, Robin is a young woman with long, light blue hair and green eyes also has rhinestones under her right eye.

Robin is a performer to open the Charmony festival in Penacony accompanied by a pair of wings on the back.

Being a Harmony character, Robin’s kit revolves around supporting her teammates in various ways.

Here is the full breakdown of all of Robin’s abilities, one of the stars in the Trailblaze mission.

  1. Upon activation, as her teammates take action, her aggro is decreased, and her team members’ damage is increased.
  2. When Robin enters the “disabled” state, if Eidolon one is in possession, her teammates’ SPD and DMG increase.
  3. While holding Eidolon six, it increases the debuff resistance of other allies and removes their debuffs.
  4. When she possesses Eidolon two, this effect boosts her teammates’ ATK stat for a certain amount of turns.
  5. Robin regenerates her energy after each of her allies has taken turns for a certain number of turns and can self-heal.
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HSR 2.0 Robin Death Spoiler

The fate of Robin is revealed in the recently launched cutscene of Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Penacony.

This cutscene features an Aventurine, Black Swan and Trailblazer who follow the Path of Preservation, making a conversation.

Later, Aventurine asks Trailblazer to follow him to the exact hallway they met the last time and open the door.

Subsequently, he reveals Robin’s dead body to the Trailblazer where her body disappears into a sea of bubbles.

Aventurine reveals Robin's dead body to the Trailblazer
Aventurine reveals Robin’s dead body to the Trailblazer.

In a captivating scene from the inaugural Penacony Trailblaze Mission of HSR, players are treated to a mesmerizing encounter between Sparkle and Sunday.

However, the mission takes an unexpected turn as Sparkle shapeshifts into the now-dead Robin and converses with Sunday.

Sunday catches up to Sparkle who can shapeshift and take on the form of others through their physical appearance and voice.

Later, she astounds Sunday by swiftly revealing her actual identity and offers to disguise herself as Robin.

Sunday firmly declined her and did not allow her to stand for Robin during the festivities.

Robin Death In HSR: Will She Be Back In Future?

The shocking twist in the story happened in the Dreamscape where Robin died puts an asterisk behind it for now.

In addition, Robin’s brother, Sunday, doesn’t seem to be too upset about it when speaking to Sparkle.

Her death incident seems very out of line as there was rarely any buildup till she was killed.

Therefore, players are already discussing on Reddit that the HSR will probably bring Robin back in the game.

Some players speculate that she might be alive, as she has been killed in the dream world.

Moreover, Robin, a member of The Family, has ways of interacting with the Dreamscape.

Hence, HSR will most likely bring her back and make her playable, as she has a unique design.

In the meantime, players have no option but to wait until further story develops in the upcoming updates.

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