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How To Upgrade Hylian Trousers In Totk?

The Hylian Set has three pieces; the Hylian Hood, the Hylian Tunic and the Hylian Trousers, in Tears of the Kingdom.

One can buy Hylian Trousers, including the whole set, at different prices in the Hyrule Kingdom.

The Hylian Trousers are a type of Trousers in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, also available in the Tears of the Kingdom. You must collect specific materials and complete the Great Fairy Fountain Quests to upgrade the Hylian Trousers. 

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What Are Hylian Trousers In Totk?

Hylian Trousers in TotK is the Leg Gear that provides the base defense output 3.

The traditional dress pants of the Hyrule region are composed of plush fabric. Additionally, it is quite comfortable and highly durable.

Moreover, it is for safeguarding the leg of the Link that costs 120 rupees; one can dye it at the Hateno Dye Shop.

TotK Hylian Set
The Hylian Set is the traditional set in the Totk.

How To Upgrade Hylian Trousers In Totk?

Generally, the player can upgrade Hylain Trousers in the Hateno Village. The base level provides you with the 3 defense outputs.

Additionally, you can upgrade the Hylian Trousers up to their Fourth Level.

Importantly, every upgrade level requires different materials and grants different defense outputs.

Moreover, the required materials are located in the Great Fairy Fountains. Therefore, you must complete the Great Fairy Fountains Quest.

After that, you can collect all the necessary materials listed below in the table. However, upgrading all pieces of the Hylian set requires the same materials.

Upgrade LevelRequired Materials Defense Output
1st10 Rupees
5 Bokoblin Horn
2nd50 Rupees
5 Blue Bokoblin Horn
3 Bokoblin Fang
3rd200 Rupees
5 Black Bokoblin Horn
3 Bokoblin Guts
20 Amber
4th500 Rupees
5 Silver Bokoblin Horn
5 Bokoblin Guts
30 Amber

Similarly, you can buy the Hylian Trousers for 120 rupees at Mub’s Shop in Hyrule.

In addition, you can complete the Mayoral Election Quest and buy the Hyrule Trousers at Cece’s Shop.

Fortunately, all the pieces of the Hylian Set require the same materials to upgrade them.

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What Are Hylian Hoods In Totk?

In the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Hylian Hood armor is represented as Headgear.

This Hood safeguards the Link from any head injuries. It costs 70 rupees and is found at the Armor shop in Lookout Landing.

Hylian Hood
The Hylian Hood safeguards your head from injuries.

Although, if you want to upgrade and lower the Hylian Hood, you must accomplish the Side Adventure The Mayoral Election.

After completing the Side Adventure of the Mayoral Election, you must visit Cece inside Ventest Clothing.

Furthermore, you can ask Cece to lower or upgrade your Hylian Hood. It is made of sturdy material to protect travelers from the intense sun and weather.

What Are Hylian Tunic In Totk?

In the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Hylian Tunic Armor is a type of Body Armor.

Once the Link wears it, he is free from getting chest injuries. It is light and made of sturdy fabric that doesn’t confine movement costs 130 rupees.

Like the Hylian Hoods, the Hylian Tunic is available at the Lookout Landing Armor shop with the coordinates (- 0208, 0083, 0019).

Hylian Tunic
Hylian Tunic saves you from having body injuries.
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The Bottom Line

The Hylian Trousers are strong and iconic items in the Tears of the Kingdom.

In fact, they signify hope and protection, and one can use them to protect Hyrule from destruction.

In general, upgrading them makes you more powerful and lets you enjoy the game more immensely. 

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