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Upgrade Rubber Armor In TotK – A Complete Guide

The Rubber Armor set is dispersed around Hyrule in the Tears of the Kingdom.

Each piece of the Rubber Armor set is scattered out in the cave and is guarded by some monsters.

In Totk, the player can upgrade Rubber Armor after collecting the required materials such as yellow chuchu jelly, volt fruit, etc. However, you can also buy it for a certain amount.

Continue reading to discover the materials required to upgrade the Rubber Armor and methods to upgrade it.

What Is Rubber Armor In Totk?

The Rubber Armor set is electric shockproof and protects you from electric damage.

It consists of three different pieces: the Chest Piece, the Head Piece and the Legs Piece. These three pieces are found in different caves of Hyrule.

The Rubber Armor Chest piece is found in the Whistling Hill Cave, between the Whistling Hill and Lake Kolomo, north of Teniten Shrine.

The Rubber Armor
Rubber Armor Chest piece is found in the Whistling Hill Cave.

Next is the Rubber Armor Head Piece, also known as Rubber Helm. It is located inside the Sarjon Cave, the eastern edge of the Faron region.

Rubber Helm
Rubber Helm is located inside the Sarjon Cave.

However, you can get the Head Piece unlocking the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower and cooking up to four meals that enhance your stamina.

Finally, the Rubber Armor Leg Piece, also known as Rubber Tights. It is in the Horon Lagoon’s cave, east of the Lanayru Reservoir.

Rubber Tights
Rubber Tights are found in Horon Lagoon’s cave.

Further, you can head east after visiting Upland Zorana Skyview Tower. 

The Chest Piece, the Rubber Helm and the Rubber Tights provide more than three defense outputs with some shock resistance.

Complete Rubber Armor
You can buy the complete Rubber Armor Set.

How To Upgrade Rubber Armor In Totk?

The Rubber Armor provides you with the set bonus of lightning proof.

However, you can upgrade the Armor to its fullest level, Four.

In addition, you need to pay certain rupees and materials to upgrade the Rubber Armor listed below in the table.

Upgrade LevelDefense OutputMaterials Required
1st53 Yellow Chuchu Jelly
1 Electric Lizalfos Horn
10 Rupee
2nd88 Yellow Chuchu Jelly
5 Voltfruit
50 Rupee
3rd125 Zapshroom
8 Electric Safflina
5 Electric Lizalfos Tail
200 Rupee
4th205 Topaz
5 Electric Lizalfos Horn
8 Electric Lizalfos Tail
500 Rupee
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How To Buy Rubber Armor In Totk?

However, sometimes, you may lose the Rubber Armor during the game.

Fortunately, you can buy the Rubber Armor if lost. You can follow the steps below to regain it.

  1. First, you need to complete the Mayoral Election Quest.
The Mayoral Election
You should complete the Mayoral Election Quest.
  1. After you accomplish the quest, visit the Hateno Village.
map for hateno village
Visit the Hateno Village to regain the Rubber Armor.
  1. Next, head towards Cece’s Shop. You need different Armors during the game; you can buy them here.
  2. Once you reach the shop, look for the Rubber Armor.
  3. Finally, you need to pay 4000 rupees to Cece and the Armor is yours.
Talking to cece
Talk to Cece and pay her for the Rubber Armor.
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The Bottom Line

Once you achieve all the pieces of your Rubber Armor, you are free from the electric shock and the lightning disaster that may occur during the game.

However, you need to utilize the Armor wisely; if not, it loses its durability and leads you to suffer damage.

I hope this article will assist you in upgrading the Rubber Armor and buying it.

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