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Mastering Vox Obscura: Your Guide To Loot In Destiny 2

Vox Obscura is a Lost Sector located on Mars in Destiny 2.

It is located in the Glacial Drift region of Mars, near the polar ice caps.

You can loot Exotic armor, Legendary gear, mods, Enhancement Cores, and more from Vox Obscura, a Legend/Master Lost Sector located on Mars in Destiny 2’s Glacial Drift region near the polar ice caps.

This article will explore the Vox Obscura loot table and where you can find it in Destiny 2.

What Is Vox Obscura Loot Table In Destiny 2?

Vox Obscura is a Lost Sector, a hidden areas on each planet that contain powerful enemies and loot chests.

Vox Obscura, in particular, is a Legend/Master Lost Sector that becomes available once a player reaches the appropriate Power level.

To access Vox Obscura, players must first travel to the Mars destination in the Director.

From there, head to the Glacial Drift region, located in the northern polar region of the planet.

Vox Obscura will appear as an icon on the map once players are close enough.

vox obscura loot table
Vox Obscura is a Lost Sector located on Mars in Destiny 2.

Where Can You Find Vox Obscura Loot Table?

Vox Obscura is located in the Glacial Drift region of Mars, near the polar ice caps.

To reach it, start from the Mars Patrol landing zone and follow these steps:

  1. Head north along the main path, passing through the Arcology and BrayTech Futurescape zones.
  2. Once you reach the ice fields of Glacial Drift, veer left and continue north.
  3.  You’ll come to a large open area with some Fallen enemies. Vox Obscura is located on the eastern side, marked by a Lost Sector icon on your radar.
  4. Enter the dimly lit entrance tunnel to begin the Lost Sector. Watch out for traps and hidden enemies as you make your way inside.
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How To Clear The Vox Obscura In Destiny 2?

Here are the detailed steps to clear the Vox Obscura Lost Sector on Mars:

  1. As you enter, defeat the few Fallen that spawn. Continue down the tunnel.
  2. You’ll come to a large open room. Defeat the Fallen here, including a Captain.
  3. Proceed down a ramp and defeat more Fallen in the next room. Interact with the console to open the door.
  4. Fight through more Fallen, including a Warden and continue down the hallway.
  5. You’ll reach a large central area with a Scorn boss – the Wretched. Defeat it along with its Scorn allies.
  6. Proceed down the left path, clearing more Scorn along the way.
loot vox obscura
Loot the chest at the end to obtain Vox Obscura rewards.
  1. You’ll reach the final boss chamber with the Scorn Psion Hazard and its guards. Defeat them to complete the Lost Sector.
  2. Loot the chest at the end to obtain Vox Obscura rewards.
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Vox Obscura Loot Table

Here are some of the main rewards that can potentially drop from the Vox Obscura Legend/Master Lost Sector chest:

  • Exotic Armor Pieces For Your Class: These have a higher drop chance when Lost Sectors are set to award your specific armor slot for the day. Exotics include Aeon Safe, Oathkeepers, etc.
  • Legendary Gear: This includes gauntlets, class items, and other armor with high stat rolls.
  • Mods: Vox Obscura can award mods like Lucent Blade and Radiant Light.
  • Enhancement Cores: A reliable source of these crafting materials.
  • Legendary Shards: Useful for purchasing items and focusing on Umbral Engrams.
  • Glimmer: Small amount of the in-game currency.
  • Planetary Materials: Such as Baryon Boughs from defeating enemies on Mars.
loot table vox
The loot table in Vox Obscura in Destiny 2

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Looting Vox Obscura

Vox Obscura provides some benefits for farming loot but also has disadvantages to consider:


Some advantages of looting the Vox Obscura are:

  • Targeted farming for specific armor slots when the daily rotation matches your needs.
  • High-stat legendary armor drops are very useful for builds.
  • Exotic world drops are more common than other activities.


Some advantages of looting the Vox Obscura are:

  • It’s a fairly short and simple activity, so that it can get repetitive quickly.
  • RNG means desired rewards are not guaranteed for each run.
  • Powerful Fallen and Scorn enemies can provide a challenge for lower-level players.
  • It is located on Mars, so it requires traveling to that destination each time.

The Bottom Line

Vox Obscura offers focused loot rewards but gets old fast.

It’s best for specifically targeting armor slots or when you want a break from other endgame activities.

Moreover, clearing it quickly makes the disadvantages more tolerable.

Happy Gaming!

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