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Intercept The Red Guns Or Ambush The Vespers: Mission Option

Many players face a dilemma between Intercept the Red Guns or Ambush the Vespers.

The option exists in one of the events in the Armored Core 6: Fire of Rubicon.

Selecting Intercept the Red Gun mission after finishing the Underground Exploration Depth 3 mission would be a great option. Players will receive 400000 Coams and don’t have negative consequences in future events.

Continue Reading to find out the best option and the benefits and consequences for both the options in the game.

Choice: Intercept The Red Guns Or Ambush The Vesper

Players must select and decide between the two options after a mission in Armored Core 6.

In addition, players can access the options after completing the Underground Exploration Depth 3 mission.

But first, to solve Depth 3, players must dismantle the subterranean reactor and unbind the laser barrier.

Moreover, the player must also destroy the pressure chamber and flee from the location.

This mission appears in Chapter 4 of the season.

Selection: Intercept The Red Guns Or Ambush The Vespers

Choosing between Intercept The Red Guns Or Ambush The Vesper is definitely a more challenging task.

The selection can vary from player to player.

However, playing any of the events will not have more significant consequences in future missions.

If players are willing to build a proficient build and are in a shortage of Coams, they can select Intercept the Redguns.

Completing the mission will provide players with 400000 Coams.

Moreover, players will also receive additional bonuses for defeating the enemies.

The amount will help players get great headgear, armories and other types of equipment.

On the other hand, finishing Ambush the Vespers will only provide 180000 Coams.

The amount is relatively low if players are willing to build a stronger character.

However, opting for Ambush the Vespers is also a great option if players are not looking for more coins.

Also, this option will not affect Rusty if any players are concerned about the issue.

The battle is relatively more straightforward in comparison to the Michigan and MT armies.

Unfortunately, few players have mentioned the negative consequences of future events.

So, in the end, the options vary according to players’ preferences and Loyalty.

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Selecting Intercept The Redguns

In this mission, Intercept the Redguns mission, players must destroy the Redgun’s leading commander.

The combat takes place in the Watchpoint Alpha-Depth 1.

Moreover, after the players beat Michigan, they must also finish off Balam and his force.

Here’s a procedure if players select the Intercept, the Redguns mission,

1. Starting The Mission

Players can select Intercept the Redguns mission after completing Underground Exploration Death 3.

Here, players will receive a call from V.VIII Peter and listen to his commands. 

Intercept The Red Guns Or Ambush The Vespers
Pater Proving information about the Balam force.

Further, Players must select Yes to sortie on the selected mission.

2. Intercept Balams Main MT Force

Players must commence the battle with the Balams Mt Force in the location.

Balam Mt Force
Tackle Against MT force.

Furthermore, ensure you have a great build and solid armor point for an advantage in the fight.

Players would come across Light MTs and Generic Weaponry in the battle.

3. Defeat G1 Michigan

 Players will unlock another getaway to beat G1 Michigan while progressing through the mission.

G1 Michigan
Face Michigan in Select Intercept Redguns.

Further, players should carry better inventory, as the character is adamant about beating.

Moreover, players should destroy Light MTs, Heavy MTs, General Weaponrys, and 50 Balam MT force.

Lastly, Playing passive and working on your movement and firepower would be better to defeat the enemies.

Intercept The Redguns mission
Complete Select Intercept Redgun Mission after beating MT force and Michigan.

Selecting Ambush The Vespers

Ambush the Vesper is the alternate option after completing Underground Exploration Death 3.

Moreover, the battle appears in the Watchpoint Alpha-Depth 2.

In addition, the mission aims to destroy all the enemy ACs.

The enemies involved in Ambush the Vespers are V.V Hawkins and V.VIII Pater of the Vespers.

Follow the Steps to complete the Ambush the Vesper mission,

1. Start The Event

After starting the mission, players will briefly converse with Middle Flatwell, Rubicon Front Commander.

Intercept The Red Guns Or Ambush The Vespers
Listen to Middle Flatwell’s command.

He will provide players with details of the missions.

Make should agree with the sortie to agree to ambush the enemies.

2. Beat V.V Hawkins and V.VIII Pater 

After agreeing with the mission, players will face Hawkins and Pater in the battle.

Hawkins and Pater come across the players simultaneously, so beating them may be difficult.

Before facing them in Watchpoint Alpha-Depth 2, ensure to have a robust build for the character.

The Head, Core, Arms, Booster and other inventories should be well-optimized.

Also, choose gear with higher Armor Points so the player’s health won’t drain fast.

Making players more likely to come out of the battle victorious against Pater and Hawkins.

Pater Armored Core 6
Beat Pater inside the Watchpoint Alpha-Depth 2.

After successfully defeating Pater, check on the health, remaining ammunition and other abilities.

Players should recharge the ability and defeat the Hawkins to complete Ambush the Vespers.

Hawkins Armored Core 6
Defeat Hawkins in Ambush the Vesper quest.

Defeating both enemies will proceed to complete the missions. 

Further, players will receive the results with repair costs, ammunition and penalties.

The Bottom Line

Players should Ambush the Vespers mission for an added advantage in Armored Core 6.

After defeating Michigan and Balam’s MT Force, the mission will provide more coins.

Moreover, players will receive higher bonuses as the mission contains more enemies than Ambush the Vespers.

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