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Why Is The Vial Of Moonwell Water Stuck?

Some players reported that their Vial of Moonwell Water is stuck, which prevents them from entering the Emerald Dream.

However, this can happen for various reasons, such as accidentally deleting the item or a bug in the game.

The Vial of Moonwell Water is stuck; it may be due to accidentally deleting an item, mod incompatibility, technical issues, or bugs and glitches.

Continue reading to learn about the Vial of Moonwell Water, its causes, and fixes of the Vial of Moonwell water stuck in WoW.

Vial Of Moonwell Water 

The Vial of Moonwell Water is a tiny glass container filled with the shimmering waters of a Moonwell.

It contains a small piece of the Emerald Dream, allowing druids to travel to that realm.

It is made of a particular type of glass resistant to magical and physical damage.

Moreover, the Vial is inscribed with runes that protect it from contamination.

The water inside the Vial is constantly shimmering and changing color, reflecting the moon’s phases.

However, Druids must travel to a Moonwell and fill the Vial with its water to obtain the Vial of Moonwell Water.

Moreover, Moonwells are rare and sacred places, and druids carefully protect them.

Therefore, the Vial of Moonwell Water has several uses; you can use it to:

  • Travel to the Emerald Dream
  • Heal the wounded
  • Purify corrupted land
  • Empower druid spells
 main objective in To The Hills quest
The main objective of To The Hills quest is to fill the Vial of Moonwell Water.
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Causes Of Vial Of Moonwell Water Stuck

Here are some possible reasons why the Vial of Moonwell Water is stuck:

  1. The most common reason is that players may have accidentally deleted the Vial while cleaning out their inventory.
  2. They mistakenly placed it in a storage bag and forgot about it.
  3. If your inventory is complete when you’re supposed to receive the item, it might lead to complications.
  4. Abandoning quests involving the Vial of Moonwell Water can also be a significant issue.
  5. A few reported cases of a bug in the game can lead to the item getting stuck in your inventory.
  6. Sometimes, server or connection issues can be a frustrating cause as well.
  7. Specific mods may be incompatible with the Druid Artifact quest, which may cause it to become stuck.
  8. Technical issues like latency or client-side bugs can interfere with the proper functioning of quests and items.
  9. Therefore, server-side problems can also impact the proper functioning of quests and items.
    reporting the Vial of Moonwell Water stuck

Fixes Of Vial Of Moonwell Water Stuck

Some solutions for the causes of the Vial of Moonwell Water stuck are:

1. Accidentally Deleting The Item

Check your inventory and ensure you still have the Vial of Moonwell Water.

In case you have deleted it, contact Blizzard support to have the item restored.

Be careful when deleting items from your inventory.

Always double-check before deleting anything important.

Moreover, you can use an addon like ItemRescuer to help you prevent accidentally deleting essential items.

2. Bug In The Game

You can try restarting the game and your device, as restarting often fixes minor problems.

Keeping your game updated with the latest patches can help you reduce the chance of encountering bugs.

You can also check the Blizzard forum to see if other players report the same bug.

3. Mod Incompatibility

Returning off all the mods you use and attempting to complete the quest.

If you can complete the quest without the mods-enabled, you know one of your mods is causing the problem.

Hence, you can try enabling the mods one by one to see which one is causing the problem.

Once you have found the problematic mod-deactivate it or contact the mod author for assistance.

Be sure to read the mod description and comments before installing any mods.

You can also use an addon like Mod Manager to help you manage your mods and troubleshoot any problems.

The Bottom Line

Double-check quest details and ensure you follow the intended quest progression.

However, if you are experiencing server issues, you can try logging into a different realm or playing at a different time of day.

If you have tried the above solutions and cannot enter the Emerald Dream, contact Blizzard support.

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