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Is Naraka Bladepoint Safe?

Naraka Bladepoint is a Battle Royale game that offers a unique and intense melee-focused combat experience.

However, this game asks its player to disable their security features while installing it.

This raises the safety and security concerns among many players.

Naraka Bladepoint game is safe. However, it’s important to consider the risks and benefits of disabling the HVCI_KMCI feature during installation.

In this article, we will delve into an introduction to the Naraka Bladepoint game and its features and discover if it is safe to install.

Introduction To Naraka Bladepoint

Naraka Bladepoint is an action-packed multiplayer game combining Battle Royale elements and intense melee combat.

The game plunges players into a dynamic and ever-evolving battlefield where skill, strategy, and quick reflexes are essential for survival.

Its intense melee combat system is at the core of Naraka Bladepoint’s gameplay.

Players engage in fast-paced battles using a wide array of weapons, each with its own distinct feel and combat style.

This game offers a roster of unique characters, each with their own abilities and playstyles.

These characters, or Heroes, provide players with various tactical options.

Furthermore, it adds depth to team dynamics in multiplayer matches.

Features Of Naraka Bladepoint Game

Naraka Bladepoint offers several key features that contribute to its unique gameplay experience.

You can find some of its features below.

1. Intense Melee Combat

You can engage in fast-paced, skill-based melee combat with a focus on martial arts-inspired techniques.

Similarly, you can execute combos, parries, and counterattacks to outmaneuver and defeat your opponents.

Melee-focused battle royale in Naraka Bladepoint
Players can enjoy a Melee-focused battle royale in Naraka Bladepoint.

2. Parkour-Inspired Movement

The game allows you to utilize agile and dynamic movement mechanics.

It includes wall-running and acrobatic maneuvers to navigate the battlefield with speed and style.

3. Battle Royale Gameplay

You can experience the thrill of a 60-player battle royale where you must fight to be the last warrior standing.

In this game, you need to survive against opponents, search for weapons and resources, and adapt to the ever-shrinking play area.

4. Unique Characters With Special Abilities

You can choose from a diverse roster of playable characters, each with unique skills and abilities.

Additionally, this feature lets you discover the playstyle that suits you best and unleash powerful ultimate attacks to turn the tide of battle.

5. Team-Based And Solo Modes

Team up with friends in squad-based matches or go solo in intense and competitive solo mode.

Similarly, you can coordinate with teammates, communicate strategies, and work together to secure victory.

Is Naraka Bladepoint Safe?

Installing Naraka Bladepoint from official and trusted sources is generally considered safe.

You can download this game from its official site.
You can download Naraka Bladepoint from its official site.

However, as with any online game, there are potential risks associated with downloading and installing software.

According to the developers of Naraka Bladepoint, disabling HVCI_KMCI is necessary for the game to run smoothly and fairly. 

Disabling the HVCI_KMCI (Memory Integrity) feature during installation is a standard requirement for certain games with kernel-level anti-cheat engines.

Furthermore, these anti-cheat systems aim to maintain fair gameplay and prevent cheating.

But it’s essential to consider the potential risks and benefits and make an informed decision.

While disabling a security feature may raise concerns, it’s important to ensure that you download the game from official and trusted sources.

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The Bottom Line

Naraka Bladepoint delivers an exhilarating and visually captivating Battle Royale experience.

However, disabling HVCI KMCI can potentially expose the PC to malware or spyware.

Still, the developers of Naraka Bladepoint claim that their anti-cheat system is safe and does not collect any personal data.

Therefore, users should weigh the pros and cons of disabling HVCI KMCI for Naraka Bladepoint and enable it again after playing the game.

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