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Is Wireless Mouse Good for Gaming?

Gamers have always disliked wireless mice for their latency and need to replace batteries.

In fact, they were omitted entirely from the gaming scene for years until recent years.

However, with the advent of technology, wireless mice have significantly replaced wired mice in many aspects.

A wireless gaming mouse is good for gaming as it offers low latency, portability, comfort, and durability required for intensive gaming, but ensure to buy a quality peripheral from a reliable brand.

Moreover, charge/replace batteries and clean regularly.

Voilà! Your wireless gaming mouse will last 2 to 5 years and work perfectly for years without any problems.

Read on to find out the benefit of using a wireless mouse for gaming and access the list of the most reliable wireless peripherals.

Is Wireless Mouse Good for Gaming?

Wireless mice are great for gaming if you buy a branded product.

However, great wireless mice do not come cheap; hence, paying a hefty price would be a must.

A wireless mouse will be an excellent replacement for a wired mouse if you are willing to put up with the price.

Magic mouse
Magic mouse is a lightweight wireless device with all the capabilities if you can pay slightly more.

Most gamers have avoided wireless mice for years because they are prone to significant lag time and short battery spans.

In fact, previous Bluetooth-connected mice boasted around 8-16 ms of lag time, which was a big letdown for users.

It mostly came from Bluetooth interferences and a polling rate of 125Hz, caused by encoding, transmission, and decoding of wireless signals.

However, with the improvement in wireless technology, manufacturers have come up with faster devices that cut lag time significantly.

You can now choose a wireless mouse with a radio adapter and a high polling rate of up to 1,000Hz, which cuts lag time by 8 ms or more.

Therefore, modern wireless gaming mice are as good and reliably quick as wired gaming mice.

Benefits of Using Wireless Mouse for Gaming

Using a wireless mouse significantly benefits gamers, especially regarding three vital factors.

1. Easily Accessible

A Wireless mouse is more accessible to carry and travel around than a wired mouse.

You can even keep it in your pouch and travel. The fact that it lacks wire means less cable drag or resistance, which is very comfortable.

Gamers indulge in using the mouse for hours, meaning they will benefit from the unrestricted movement offered by the wireless mouse.

Regarding a wireless mouse, you would have two options: Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz, which are missing on the wired mouse.

Many pro gamers opt for the 2.4 GHz mouse over Bluetooth because it offers quicker response time and precision accuracy.

It usually comes equipped with a USB receiver to attach to the PC or laptop.

The fact that it is faster means you can easily enjoy first-person shooter or real-time strategy games.

2. Offers Good Speed

Speed has always been an issue for a wireless mouse, but not anymore.

With manufacturers investing in quicker and lighter devices, wireless mice have started matching wired mice’s speed and lag-free experience.

The best wireless mice will cut the usual lag time by 8 ms, matching the accuracy and speed of wired mice.

Razer wireless mice boast technology like Hyperspeed, and Logitech boasts Lightspeed, which helps keep response times less than 1 ms to maintain a stable connection.

Using wireless mouse
A Wireless mouse is good for gaming.

Many users wonder whether their wireless mouse would affect FPS (Frames per second).

In fact, it is the computer’s graphics or memory and internet connection that may affect the FPS but the wireless mouse.

A wireless mouse would not affect FPS as long as your PC or laptop is up to date.

3. Longer Range

Did you know the Bluetooth wireless mouse’s signal adapter could work effectively at a distance of about 30 feet (9 meters)?

Although you will be testing the limit of the device by using it from farther distances, it proves that wireless mice work effectively from afar.

Wireless mouse
Although the wireless mouse has a range of 30 feet, they are best used in close proximity to prevent lag.

It means you can cut out the trouble of cables and use your wireless mouse from any place inside the room.

However, testing the limit of Bluetooth wireless mice would also mean increased lag time; hence, they are better suited to work in the periphery of the PC or laptop.

Alternatively, some 24 GHz devices may offer a more extended range of up to 33 feet (10 meters) and quicker transmissions.

Cons of Using Wireless Mouse for Gaming

Despite many benefits, the wireless mouse is prone to some apparent problems, including shelf battery life, device weight, signal interference, and receiver problem.

Here are a few reasons gamers often opt out of the wireless mouse.

1. Low Battery Shelf Life

Wireless mice employ AA batteries with a shelf life duration of 5 years, depending on the quality.

Therefore all wireless mice batteries will run out at some point.

The batteries are more likely to die sooner with intensive gaming activities, whereas cheap brands would not even last two years.

Wireless mouse requires A size alkaline battery for optimal usage
A Wireless mouse requires A size alkaline battery for optimal usage.

Therefore overall lifespan of batteries can pose a problem that does not have a permanent fix.

2. Costly Peripheral

Wireless gaming mice are slightly more costly than wired mice because of all the built-in high-end parts.

When you opt for wireless mice with better transmitters, range, and adapter, expect to pay anywhere from $100-$150.

Some manufacturers may sell separate charging docks, which drives the device’s price.

Charging a wireless mouse
You can charge your wireless mouse using USB cables, docks, or mousepads.

3. Heavy Weight

Wireless mice are always slightly weightier than their wired counterparts because extra battery adds to the weight.

A Redditor points out that there will be more or less 20 grams of weight difference between wired and wireless mice.

Here is a table describing the weight of different mouse types.

Mouse TypeWeight
Wired Computer mouse3.77-4.23 oz (105-119 grams)
Wireless computer mouse2.93 oz (83 grams)
Bluetooth computer mouse3.58 oz (101 grams)
Trackball computer mouse6.09-8.1 oz (172-229 grams)
Magic mouse2.09 oz (59.3 grams)
Vertical mouse6.25 ounces (177 grams)
Gaming mouse1.72-5.16 oz (49-146 grams)
Custom Lightweight mouse1.58-2.11 oz (45-60 grams)

The slightly more weight of the wireless peripheral can be concerning for gamers who find comfort in lightweight mice.

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4. Receiver and Signal Interference

A significant disadvantage of wireless devices is signal interference due to connectivity issues and faulty parts.

Generally, you must replace the whole device if the receiver gets lost or broken.

Signal interference from wireless and radio devices kept nearby will interfere with the wireless mouse’s signal.

However, using a wireless mouse is guaranteed more comfort and accessibility despite a few hiccups.

Wired Vs. Wireless Mouse: Which is Good for Gaming?

Both wired and wireless mice are great for casual or intensive gaming.

Wired mice have mostly dominated wireless mice with their high polling rate, robust connection, and zero lag time.

We polled avid gamers to see if they preferred a wired or wireless mouse for gaming. And here is the result:

Wired vs wireless mouse
59% of respondents preferred wireless mice, while 41% preferred wired mice while gaming. (Source: Facebook Poll)

However, a wireless mouse is making its mark as a reliable gaming peripheral, thanks to improvements in wireless technology.

Here are a few factors that will help you decide better.

Wireless MouseWired Mouse
It will work even when seated far from the PC or laptopIt will only work within the close proximity to the connected device
Cheap bluetooth peripheral may suffer from signal interferencesIt does not pose any problem of signal interference
It is more convenient to carry aroundCarrying a mouse with cable is always a hassle as it tends to get jumbled
It is slightly expensive than wired mouseYou can find easily find quality ones for less than $30
It offers better aesthetics and can be used with othe devices, such as tabletsIt lacks versatility
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Do Pro Gamers Use Wireless Mouse?

What matters most to pro gamers is comfort, zero lag time, and speed.

Therefore, many pro gamers have switched to wireless gaming because of the wide range of high-end wireless mice.

For example, Razer’s Viper Ultimate Wireless mouse offers a 1 ms response time and 1000Hz polling rate, guaranteeing zero lag time and quick response.

According to, many programmers with top teams like Vitality, BIG, Team Liquid, or the FaZe Clan have switched to a wireless gaming mice.

Although many esports pro users avoid using wireless mice, many have adopted wireless mice to keep up with changing times.

They are convenient, portable, versatile, and usually last longer.

Therefore, do not hesitate to spend more on acquiring a quality wireless mouse, so you need not regret it later.

Here are a few wireless gaming mouse recommendations for you.

Wireless MouseSpecificationImage
Logitech G502 LightspeedIt boasts Hero 16K Sensor, tons of macros, and tunable weights with PowerPlay Compatibitlity and Lightsync RGB.
It hardly weights 114 grams
Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeedIt offers 20,000 DPI with Razer Focus sensor, 70 hours battery life, macros, and Hyperspeed wireless technology
Corsair refreshed Dark Core RGB Pro SEIt offers 18,000 DPI with PAW3392 sensor, 30 hours battery life, and Qi wireless charging technology.
It's big and slight heavy (142g)
Logitech G604 LightspeedWeighing 135g, it offers 16,000 DPI with optical hero 16K sensor, 240 hours batttery life and ergonomic design
Read on to discover the advantages and disadvantages of using gaming mouse for regular work.

Final Verdict

Although gamers prefer the wired mouse two out of three times, wireless mice do not lag far behind in the race.

Most modern wireless mice boast a lightweight design, high polling rate, robust design and adapter, and longer life span.

Therefore, you can get a stylish, comfortable, and portable mouse if you are willing to spend a few more bucks.

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