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Several users have reported the popular anime torrent site is not working and they are going through a frustrating setback.

Similarly, several Anime lovers around the globe are experiencing technical difficulties, leaving them unable to access their anime.

Recently, one of the most popular Anime torrent sites called has been facing problems and is not working.  The site faces these problems because of the heavy holiday traffic and the end of the anime season and can be solved by using VPNs or alternative options.

Continue reading to learn more about why is not working and possible solutions.

Why Is Not Working? 

The fall of has created havoc around the anime communities recently as it has suddenly stopped working.

Users are curious about the reason for experiencing technical difficulties as they cannot access their favorite anime content.

Likewise, users residing in America are only being affected, it is working fine while accessing from other countries. Torrent Site
Users can download several anime files from the torrent site. is down within the United States, and it has caused massive disappointment and inconvenience for its users.

However, the site is being accessed from countries like Italy, Romania, and all over Europe. is working fine for all the other countries except for the United States of America.

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Possible Causes For Not Working

As the festive season is coming near and almost every school is on vacation,  Anime Lovers can finally enjoy their content.

Similarly, for downloading their favorite Anime, has been most of the users’ favorite and preferred site. not working
Discussion regarding and why is it down.

Thus, an Influx of Website Traffic has crashed the site on the US Server and users are facing a temporary outage.

Additionally, all of the anime is approaching towards the end of the season, contributing to the instability of the site.

Potential Solutions For Not Working

Troubleshooting methods can help resolve website access difficulties.

Since the potential cause resides within the US Server, the solution is related to changing the Server’s DNS and IP.

Here are some of the potential troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue related to the website outage.

  1. Users can try using the VPN outside of the United States of America.
  2. Similarly, using the VPN outside the affected server reason can resolve this issue.
  3. Users can also try using a proxy to resolve the potential issue.
  4. Moreover, users can also use alternative domains like to download their favorite anime content.
  5. Users can use alternative links like for uninterrupted anime downloads.
  6. Moreover, you can also contact customer support care and aware them of the issue.

The Bottom Line

As suddenly faced technical issues, the anime community is eagerly waiting for the resolutions.

Likewise, users are left with no other options except exploring the other potential options to satisfy their anime cravings.

In conclusion, players can wait for the website to resolve the issues and during the meantime, they can explore other alternatives.

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