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What Happens If You Let Gale Blow Up In BG3?

A momentous decision awaits players in Baldur’s Gate 3: whether to let Gale blow up using his formidable Netherese Orb Blast ability.

This choice offers strategic benefits and dire consequences, shaping Gale’s fate and the storyline.

If you let Gale blow up, he’ll permanently leave the party due to his deteriorating condition and his pact with Raphael, impacting gameplay dynamics in BG3.

Continuing reading to discover whether it is recommended for those curious about the ethical aspects of treating Gale’s condition and the outcomes of ignoring him.

Who Is Gale In Baldur’s Gate 3?

Gale is a wizard with a charming personality, high intelligence, and formidable magical abilities.

He is a potential companion that players can recruit and interact with within the game’s rich narrative.

Gale’s distinctive link to a Netherese Destruction Orb inside him requires consuming magical items to avert catastrophe.

Gale is a charming wizard in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Player decisions, interactions, and quests shape Gale’s growth and the game’s narrative, creating a multi-dimensional experience.

How To Treat Gale’s Condition?

Here are some points that can be useful in treating Gale’s condition:

  1. Gale’s condition is tied to absorbed volatile magic, managed by absorbing magical items.
  2. Use an exclamation point to briefly feed Gale uncommon + magical items to alleviate his condition.
  3. Persuasion check delays Gale’s consumption; severe need lowers his Constitution.
  4. After three items, Gale’s condition worsens, prompting a conversation.
  5. Find mentor Elminster for insight into Gale’s purpose, North of Rosymorn Monastery Trail.
elminster aumar
Elminster Aumar in Baldur’s Gate 3
  1. Elminster reveals Gale’s Weave destroys Heart of the Absolute, gaining Netherese Orb Blast.
  2. Gale’s Netherese Orb Blast triggers an explosion, potentially game over.
  3. Gale proposes Netherese Orb Blast on Absolute; persuade reconsideration.
  4. Donating items helps Gale’s quest, which needs 3 in Act One; ignoring causes issues.
  5. Gale accepts uncommon + items; certain magical items suit him.
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What Happens When You Let Gale Blow Up?

Gale is a wizard who has a Netherese bomb inside him that can explode if he dies or does not consume magic items regularly.

Furthermore, Gale can blow up if you do not resurrect him after he dies or if you do not feed him enough artifacts.

Here are some consequences if you let Gale blow up in Baldur’s Gate 3;

1. Ignore Gale’s Need

Opting to ignore Gale’s need for magical items to control the Netherese Destruction Orb within his chest can expose him to potentially dire consequences.

This decision may impact his well-being and the overall dynamics of the game.

2. Temporary Penalty

Refusing Gale’s appeals for magical items results in a temporary penalty to his Constitution rolls.

As a result, it symbolizes his deteriorating health and the consequences of neglecting his condition.

3. Approval Impact

Neglecting Gale’s condition can lead to a decline in his approval rating.

This rating influences his behavior and interactions and may lead to unfavorable developments in your relationship with him.

4. Alternative Path

As Gale’s condition worsens, he might reveal a desperate pact with the devil Raphael.

It showcases his willingness to seek unconventional solutions to rid himself of the destructive orb.

5. Possible Departure

A significant drop in Gale’s approval rating could trigger a passive-aggressive interaction if you let him blow up.

This is where he contemplates leaving the group due to your apparent disregard for his well-being.

6. Gale’s Psyche

It will succeed in a DC 13 check to delve into Gale’s psyche, revealing his motivations and the consequences of his pact with Raphael.

This adds depth to his character and provides a deeper understanding of his actions and decisions.

7. Departure’s Impact

If you let Gale blow up in BG3, he might permanently leave the party if his approval rating reaches a critical low.

This departure affects gameplay dynamics, restricting your access to his unique abilities and interactions.

destroying the heart of absolute
Letting Gale blow up may destroy the Heart of Absolute in Baldur’s Gate 3.

8. Role-Playing Choice

Choosing to ignore Gale’s need not only introduces strategic considerations but also emphasizes the role-playing aspect of the game.

Showcasing how your decisions shape character relationships and narrative outcomes.

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The Bottom Line

Embracing Gale’s Netherese Orb Blast ability intertwines strategy with character growth, shaping endings and relationships through pivotal choices.

Although completing Gale’s questline offers closure, choosing to let Gale blow up in BG3 will result in a game over, forcing players to weigh the consequences of their actions.

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