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Track And Kill Lootinaut: A Bug Hunt In Suicide Squad

In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, players kick off the “Track Lootinaut” mission in the vibrant city of Racine.

Your squad, comprising Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark, and Boomerang, takes center stage in this bug-hunting expedition.

This mission is a big part of the story and lets you explore mysterious enemies and discover secrets.

Continue reading to explore how to track and kill the Lootinaut in Suicide Squad.

What Is Track Lootinaut In Suicide Squad?

In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, “Track Lootinaut” is a mission where players need to locate and confront the elusive Lootinaut.

The mission starts by interacting with Hack, an AI guide, who hints that the bug could be inside any enemy.

Track Lootinaut In Suicide Squad
Hack initiates the mission, alerting the squad to track Lootinaut.

The squad must navigate the Racine city, encountering various enemies on their journey to track and eliminate the Lootinaut.

Moreover, this mission requires effective squad coordination where players needs ti utilize each member’s unique abilities.

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Completing Track Lootinaut In Suicide Squad

In Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the “Track Lootinaut” mission falls under the Bug Hunt category, located in Racine city.

As part of the Bug Hunt mission, players engage in a quest where they have to navigate the city and also track down the elusive Lootinaut.

Follow this guide to complete the mission in Suicide Squad:

1. Interact With Hack

To begin your mission, talk to Hack, a friendly AI Projected Character that helps you with the task.

Hack gives you a clue, saying, “The boat might be hiding inside any enemy, so use this tracker to find it. Good luck hunting!”

Moreover, this means players should follow the tracker to locate the bug at Racine City.

2. Follow The Tracker

As you dive into the mission, follow the tracker presented by Hack. This virtual guide leads you through the Racine city.

Following The Tracker
Following the tracker ensures you locate and engage the elusive Lootinaut efficiently.

Further, it provides hints to players about where the mysterious Lootinaut might be hiding.

Moreover, the tracker becomes essential for players as it helps in unraveling the mystery and progressing through the mission.

3. Squad Teamwork

As you move forward in Racine City, you’ll face different enemies. It’s vital to work together as a team, utilizing squad’s special skills.

Moreover, players can utilize Harley Quinn‘s quick movements, Deadshot’s accurate shots, King Shark’s strength.

Further, Boomerang’s stylish attacks create a thrilling combat dynamic as effective teamwork ensures a more exciting combat experience.

4. Face The Challenges And Banter

During the mission, the squad experiences banter and encounters unexpected challenges.

Further, the mention of their weapons not being legal in the country adds an interesting element to the story.

Overall, the interactions with Lantern and the strategic use of Hack’s abilities make the experience more engaging and immersive.

5. Confront Lootinaut

The peak of the mission is when players finally face off against the tricky Bug in Racine city.

Similarly, the combination of fighting abilities, effective teamwork, and navigating through the city sets the stage for a some rewards.

At last after defeating the bug players and thier squad will earn valuable mission rewards.

Moreover, ranging from weapons to mods and other useful items. 

Kill Lootinaut Mission In Suicide Squad

Once you’ve tracked down the elusive bug using the provided tracker, the thrilling part begins.

Unlock various strategies to ensure a successful takedown of the Lootinaut in Suicide Squad.

Likewise, dive into this comprehensive guide to secure the kill:

1. Exploiting Weak Points

Identify and use the bug’s weak points to attack. Players can coordinate attacks with squad members to maximize the damage.

However, players need to stay alert for openings to bring down the Lootinaut.

2. Effective Squad Coordination

Players can work together strategically, making the most of each squad member’s unique skills.

Suicide Squad (The Team)
A diverse team, including Harley, Deadshot, King Shark, and Boomerang, unites for missions.

Players should use Harley’s acrobatics, where players can make her dodge bug attacks gracefully.

Moreover, they should hit back with dynamic melee moves in the mid-height space.

Likewise, place Deadshot smartly to utilize his precise long-range shots. His sniper skills are crucial for dealing damage to the Lootinau.

Deploy King Shark in close-quarters combat. His powerful melee attacks deal significant damage when facing the bug up close.

Moreover, utilize Captain Boomerang’s unique combat style for effective engagement with nearby enemies.

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