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Fog In Lethal Company: Beyond Visibility

In Lethal Company, encountering fog is like stepping into a mysterious, thick mist that brings both challenge and suspense.

Weather effects can make certain moons more or less challenging to explore, spawning different enemies.

Surviving fog in Lethal Company requires a combination of teamwork, communication, using your hearings, horns, markers like beacons and strategic planning.

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Fog In Lethal Company

Fog is a weather condition where the environment is enveloped in dense, opaque mist, severely limiting visibility.

This weather condition introduces an element of surprise as enemies, mainly Forest Giants.

They can spot you from a distance, even if you’re unaware of their presence, until you hear their thumping footsteps.

When fog is present, the map is covered in a thick fog that reduces visibility to a few feet.

This makes it difficult to see enemies, obstacles, and other players.

Fog can make finding the exit challenging and exploring a maze or building challenging.

This can lead to players losing their way or finding themselves in dangerous situations.

Therefore, fog is not a permanent effect and will eventually dissipate.

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How To Survive Fog In Lethal Company?

The most essential tip for surviving fog is having a friend stay on the ship as a navigator.

Your friend will be able to see the map and warn you about nearby enemies while you can focus on gathering loot.

Additionally, you can use the weather monitor on the ship to check the weather forecast.

check the weather forecast
Weather Monitor can help you check the weather forecast.

This can help you to avoid landing on the moon in foggy weather.

You can use the horn to locate other players, as its sound can travel through fog.

Moreover, this can help you avoid losing your way or separating from your team.

Do not forget to mark your path with beacons or other markers as you go so you can find your way back if you lose your way.

However, enemies can still see you in the fog.

So always have your weapons and equipment ready to fight enemies if necessary.

When trying to find your way back to the ship, listen for the sounds of enemies and obstacles to help you navigate through.

Flashlights may even attract the attention of enemies, so they are useless in fog.

flashlights attract enemies
Do not use flashlights, as they can attract enemies.

Instead, you can use your hearing to locate enemies and obstacles.

Stick with your team and communicate, which will help keep each other safe.

Take your time and pay attention to your surroundings, as the fog can easily make you lose your way.

Therefore, if you lose your way, stay calm and try to retrace your steps instead of panicking.

The Bottom Line

Overall, weather effects in Lethal Company are dynamic gameplay mechanics that add an extra layer of challenge.

While foggy weather may seem challenging, you can overcome it with teamwork and careful navigation.

Hence, do not give up if you lose your way or encounter enemies; keep moving forward, and you’ll return to the ship.

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