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Discover The King Of Puppets Cheese Strategies

In Lies of P, one puppet is tough to beat: the King of Puppets, Romeo.

This puppet has been hard for many players because he’s super fast, hits really hard, and even heals himself.

To cheese the King of Puppets in Lies of P, exploit fall damage, poison, Puppet Archers, magic, and stunlocking tactics.

This article will discuss the cheese strategies for the King of Puppets in Lies of P in this article.

Where Do You Fight The King Of Puppets?

The King of Puppets is a tough boss in Lies of P, hiding in the Estella Opera House.

He is large in size and possesses scissors as his ultimate weapon.

Beating him is not easy and requires some smart tactics.

The King of Puppets is a boss you will encounter about halfway through your playthrough of Lies of P.

You must first make significant progress in the main story to reach him.

Continue following the critical path missions until you reach the Iron Fort.

Once inside the Iron Fort, you will infiltrate the Puppet Theater. Work your way through the theater, fighting puppet enemies.

You will come to a large open room filled with puppets.

Then, interact with the puppet on the central stage to trigger a cutscene.

In the cutscene, you will meet the Puppet Master, who controls the puppets and challenges you to a puppet duel.

Accept his challenge to initiate the boss fight with the King of Puppets.

The King of Puppets puppet is massive in size and wields a giant pair of scissors as his weapon.

king of puppets cheese
The King of Puppets puppet is massive in size and wields a giant pair of scissors as his weapon.

In the first phase of the fight, he will slowly move towards you and attempt to hit you with wide, sweeping attacks from his scissors.

Dodge rolls away and counterattacks his legs when possible.

After taking enough damage, the King will enter his second phase.

He will summon smaller puppet minions to aid him in battle.

Focus on taking out the minion puppets first before returning your attention to the King.

Be wary, as the King’s attack patterns will change and he may try to combo you with minions.

Finally, in his third and last phase, the King of Puppets will become enraged.

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How To Cheese The King Of Puppets In Lies Of P?

Now, let’s talk about the tricks and plans you can use to make defeating this tough boss much easier.

1. Abusing Fall Damage

When the King performs his wide sweeping scissors attack, dodge roll underneath him rather than away.

This will make him fall off the elevated platform, resulting in significant fall damage, sometimes even leading to instant defeat.

2. Utilizing Poison

Employ poison weapons such as daggers or arrows to continuously harm the King, even while you dodge his attacks.

Apply poison at the beginning of each phase and focus on evading hits while the poison’s chip damage accumulates.

3. Leveraging Puppet Archers

During the second phase of the battle, Puppet Archers act as valuable allies for cheesing.

Lure the King towards the edge and let the Archers shoot him from afar.

Their arrows can knock him back, potentially causing him to fall off.

4. Magic Attacks

Magic can be a potent tool to cheese the King of Puppets.

Spam high-damage spells like Firestorm to rapidly chip away at the King’s extensive health pool.

Maintain a safe distance and bombard him with spells as he attempts to close in.

use fire king of puppets
Spam high-damage spells like Firestorm to rapidly chip away at the King’s extensive health pool.

5. Stunlocking

Equip fast-striking weapons with the Flurry skill and continuously attack the King without allowing him to retaliate.

His large size makes him susceptible to staggering indefinitely if you strike quickly.

With practice, any of these tactics can significantly reduce the risk of failure in the battle.

The Bottom Line

To summarize, beating the King of Puppets in Lies of P can be tough, especially in Phase 2 of the battle.

But if you follow the cheese strategies and buy the right items, you’ll turn this challenging fight into an easy win.

With this strategy, you’ll be ready to conquer this tough boss and enjoy the rewards waiting for you.

Happy Gaming!

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