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How To Attack Arlecchino In Lies Of P?

Approaching an attack on mysterious characters like Arlecchino is quite risky in Lies of P.

But is it even worth defeating Arlecchio in the game?

If players plan an attack on Arlecchino, they must interact with him via the phone booth, get Stargazer from Venigni, unlock the door using Chosen One’s TrinityKey and engage in the conversation.

Continue reading to learn about Arlecchino and the possibility of deploying an attack on him in the Lies of P.

Arlecchino In Lies Of P

Archelechhino is among the various non-player characters (NPC) in The Lies of P.

NPCs are the in-game characters that play a vital role in the game’s progression and future events.

Depending on how players approach them, they can positively or negatively impact the player.

Through telecommunication, players can initially interact with the potent NPC at the Workshop Union Entrance in Krat City.

He is gone by the name of King Of Riddles and plays a vital role in Trinity’s key event.

Approach Arlecchino in the Trinity Key event.

Upon the first face-to-face meeting with the King, he appears handicapped and covered with wires.

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Attacking Arlecchino In Lies Of P

If players are willing to launch an attack on Arlecchino, following the given procedure,

1. Visit The Telephone Booth

Players must visit the Telephone booth to interact with Arlecchino when they complete the Trinity Key event.

Phone booth lies of p
Talk to Arlecchniovia Phone Booth.

Over the booth, he will ask players a couple of questions and ensure they answer the equations.

Players will receive a King of Riddles’ Surprise box if players answer the questions wrong.

Further players need to visit Venigni and take Stargazer from him.

2. Find King Of Riddles

Players must explore the area well to find the King’s exact location.

Initially, players need to search for an elevator and grab the items found nearby.

Further, search for the metal door near the fire stand and use the Chosen One’s Trinity Key to find the Arlecchino.

Chosen One's Trinity Key
Search the metal door.

3. Interact With Arlecchino 

After entering the door, playing will see Arlecchino hanging in the bunch of wires.

Ensure to continue the conversation and answer any possible question the King asks until players receive Alchemist’s Cape and Quartz.

Alchemist Cape
Obtain rewards from the King of Riddles.

Again, start hearing his mysterious stories and complete the dialogue using any options.

4. Attack Arlecchino 

Players should interact with Arlecchino until the option of Talk Or Attack appears.

Moreover, select the Attack button if players are trying to launch an attack.

lies of p attack arlecchino
Attack the King Of Riddles, Arlecchino.

Players will receive Radiant Ergo Crystal loot after beating him.

The Bottom Line

The Arlecchino is presented as a mysterious character due to his appearance and the voice line. 

He will provide players with a getaway to progress through the various events.

Later in the game, players can kill or spare him when they meet him.

 The best choice is to spare him, as there is no best reason to attack him except for the Ergo.

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