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How To Craft A Smelter In Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, players should learn how to craft a smelter to create advanced weaponry, tools, and other essential items.

Players must master the art of crafting to survive and prosper in this treacherous realm of Enshrouded.

Similarly, to craft a smelter in Enshrouded players must complete the Blacksmith’s crucible needed for a Smelter quest.

Continue reading to learn more about how to craft a smelter in Enshrouded.

Step By Step Guide To Craft A Smelter

The Smelter is one of the most efficient resources in Enshrouded that players can collect to thrive in their gameplay.

Further, it is essential to learn the steps to craft a smelter to survive in the dangerous world of  Enshrouded.

Players must explore different areas of the map to find the places or quests for crafting the essential resources.

Likewise, it might be difficult for beginners to craft a Smelter in Enshrouded as it involves performing a series of events.

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Here’s a step-by-step process to craft a Smelter in Enshrouded to unlock advanced materials and gear creation.

1. Initiating A Quest: Crucible Needed For Smelter

Players must visit Oswald Anders, the Blacksmith to retrieve the quest, Crucible Needed For Smelter.

It is an initial step to craft a Smelter in Enshrouded, so locate the Blacksmith and partake in a survivor quest.

Similarly, in this Quest, players should infiltrate a mine and retrieve the Blacksmith’s Crucible from the Scavengers.

Thus, begin your journey by navigating to the Mark Of Sameth and start exploring the mine to uncover the Crucible.

2. Navigating To The Mark Of Sameth

Players must discover a way to the Mark of Sameth to begin the Crucible Needed For Smelter Quest in Enshrouded.

Then, head west from the Revelwoods Ancient Spire to reach the Mark Of Sameth.

Crafting Smelter In Enshrouded
Players should retrieve the Crucible from the mine called Mark Of Sameth to craft a smelter.

In addition, Players can use the glide mechanics to cover the long distance to make the journey easier.

Upon landing, players should head west and walk along the road to reach the mine that Scavengers guard.

3. Obtaining The Crucible

Once you reach the Mark of Sameth Mine, you should be prepared to face Scavengers and their wolf near the entrance.

Kill the Wolves and scavengers at the entrance and enter the Mine to begin the hunt for the Crucible.

Crafting Smelter In Enshrouded
Players should take the stairs on their left to obtain the crucible in Enshrouded.

Upon entering the Mine, you should take the stairs to your left and find the room with a Lore book, We Have Dug, too far.

Similarly, behind that book, you can spot a pile of rubble with the Crucible glowing behind it.

Break down all the rubbles and collect the Crucible, a key resource to craft a Smelter in Enshrouded.

4. Crafting The Smelter

Once you secure the Crucible from the Scavengers, you can now craft a Smelter for advanced material processing.

To Craft a Smelter in Enshrouded, players would need a combination of 50 Fired Bricks and the Crucible.

Further, to get the Fired Bricks, players should craft the Killn with clay by visiting the Carpenter.

Once you have both Fired Bricks and Crucible, head to Blacksmith and commence the crafting process of the Smelter.

5. Unleashing The Smelter’s Potential

After you successfully craft the smelter, it unlocks the myriad of possibilities in the game.

Similarly, players can use Smelter to transform raw ores into the refined bars in Enshrouded.

Additionally, players can also use the Smelter to make the glasses.

Here is the list of Bars that players can obtain by transforming the raw ores: 

  • Iron Bars
  • Copper Bar
  • Bronze Bars
  • Tin Bars
  • Glass
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