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Is Clear The Elixir Well Quest Bugged In Enshrouded?

Many players have been reporting the quest; Clear the Elixir Well is bugged, and they cannot complete it.

Clear the Elixir is one of the many Blacksmith’s quests in Enshrouded that presents a significant challenge.

Similarly, the elixir well quest in Enshrouded is bugged as most of the players cannot find the Shroud Root.

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An Introduction To Clear The Elixir Well Quest

In the perilous world of Enshrouded, players must embark on several quests to progress in the game.

Similarly, Clear The Elixir Well is also one of the many survival quests in Enshrouded that present a significant challenge.

Likewise, to unlock Clear The Elixir Well quest in Enshrouded, players must visit the Oswald Anders, also known as Blacksmith.

Enter The Elixir Well
A player is about the enter the Elixir Well to destroy the Shroud Roots in Enshrouded.

Upon visiting the Blacksmith, he presents you with this special quest called clear the elixir well with some objectives.

During this quest, players must navigate around the map to locate the Elixir Well and destroy the shroud root surrounding it.

Moreover, the Elixir Well is located within the Shroud to the right of Braelyn Bridge and on the north side of your base.

The efficient way to reach the Elixir Well is by gliding from the edge of the cliff.

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Guide To Complete Clear The Elixir Well Quest

Upon reaching the Elixir Well by gliding over the top of the cliff, players should check the surroundings for enemies.

Defeat the adversaries if you come across any of them to enter the Elixir Well In the vast realm of Enshrouded.

Players can use the terrain to their advantage to block the lines of sight and trap enemies into one-on-one combat.

Next, simply descend the staircase until you reach the bottom where you can spot the large chamber at the end.

Upon reaching the chamber, you can spot the Shroud Root in the Distance, and destroying it is the quest’s primary objective.

However, before destroying the Shroud Root, players must encounter the Fell Thunderbrute, a guard of Shroud Root.

Clear The Elixir Well Quest
Players should successfully destroy the Shroud Root to complete Clear The Elixir Well Quest.

Likewise, players can easily defeat the Fell Thunderbrute using the explosives, so always carry some bombs in the inventory.

Moreover, players can use ranged weapon attacks like Wand against him to deal heavy damage.

Once you defeat the Fell Thunderbrute, you can collect Shroud Core, Fell Thunderbrute Head, 20X Runes, and Tainted Axe as a boss drop.

Finally, players can now complete Clear The Well Quest by destroying the Shroud Root with the Felling Axe.

Is Clear The Well Quest Bugged?

Recently there have been multiple reports in several gaming communities regarding the Clear the Well Quest.

Most players are reporting that the quest is bugged and they are not able to complete the Blacksmith’s quest.

Upon arriving at the Elixir Well, some players are confused as they cannot locate the Shroud Root.

Despite defeating the Fell Thunderbrute in a fight, players cannot spot the Shroud Root to complete this quest.

This bug has frustrated many players as they are willing to progress through the Blacksmith’s quest without any delay.

If any members from your sever completes the mission by clearing the Shroud Root, the bug does not allow players to complete the quest.

However, there are some potential solutions to address the bug in Clear the Well Quest in Enshrouded.

  • You can revisit the Elixir Well after dying in the game to bring the Shroud Root back.
  • Similarly, you can also create your own game and complete the quest in the new game.
  • Moreover, you can go play in the Single-player mode and complete the Clear the Well Quest.
  • Finally, if you want to get the credit for the quest, go to the flame and rest your skill points to receive any skill you haven’t received yet.
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