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Last Epoch Cycle 1 Patch Notes: New Classes And Endgame

Last Epoch Cycle 1 is the latest update of the game released on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.

Moreover, it is season 1 of the game, which is a huge revolution in the world of Action Role Playing Games.

This game is developed by the lovers of Diablo 4 and the experienced experts of the game Path Of Exile 1.

Continue reading more about the Release of Last Epoch Cycle 1 and its Patch Notes.

TLast Epoch Cycle 1: More Skills And Endgame

The Last Epoch is a new game in the market that has been developed to the demands of ARPG game lovers.

Players are excited about the release as it might be the ultimate game in the world of ARPG games.

However, Cycle 1 of the game is similar to the Season 1 of the game which is a test version for players.

As developers, they want to capture the reactions of players before releasing more updates to the game.

Therefore, you can expect more future updates that can be much more interesting and fun to play.

In this game, you will have many gameplay experiences like:

  1. Over 120 skills to choose
  2. Journey through time by uncovering the past and reforming the future
  3. Loot and crafting 
  4. You will also have an Endgame
Release of Cycle 1 of Last Epoch
Cycle 1, which is Patch 1 of the Last Epoch, releases on 21 Feb 2024.
Continue reading more about Starter Builds and  Blast Rain Marksman in the Last Epoch.

How To Get Last Epoch Cycle 1?

The Last Epoch Cycle 1 will be available to download from 9 am Pacific Time on February 21, 2024.

Moreover, you can pre-order the game by purchasing it from Steam or official site and later after release, you can download it.

Pre-ordering the game grants you with a Cosmetic Pet named Golden Guppy who is the baby Cronowyrm.

There are 2 Editions with pre-order rewards available for players to buy.

  1. Standard Edition
  2. Deluxe Edition: Comes with Full Original Digital Sound Track, 50 Epoch points, Adolescent Cronowyrm, Fallen Ronin and Firefly’s Refugee.
Editions of Last Epoch
To pre-order you can simply go to steam, search Last Epoch, and click on the Pre-order option.

Patch Notes For Last Epoch Cycle 1

Cycle 1 introduces new content for players to explore, including additional levels, quests, and challenges.

These new areas promise to expand the Last Epoch world and provide players fresh adventures.

Along with a new journey, some new patches are included in the game.

Some of the Major Patch Notes for Last Epoch Cycle 1 are as follows:

1. Warlock And Falconer Are Released

These characters are not character classes as such but sub-masteries belonging to specific classes.

Warlock is the master of the forbidden arts and the Falconer is the master tactician who relies on devious traps and her falcon.

Warlock and Falconer
These both character have their own skill with equal power in the game.

2. Items Faction

In the cycle 1 patch there are 2 choices of items faction that players can choose from.

  • SSF
  • Trade

Players can choose any one they prefer as SSF works as a self-bound and trade works as trading items in the game.

3. Offline Mode Availability

This game will have a feature for players to play the game in offline mode or online mode as they prefer.

To play in Offline mode, you simply can change the settings in your stream by clicking the Go Offline option.

4. Massive Visual Improvements

The developers have to have a massive visual improvement in this game’s competing games like Diablo 4 and POE.

However, you also can manage the visual quality according to the graphics of your inbuilds in the settings.

5. Endgame Changes

There is a huge change made in the endgame of Cycle 1 of the game as there is a huge buff to the enemies.

Enemies’ health and damage are buffed above 60, 5% at 80, and 25% at 100.

6. Monoliths Of Fate

The Monolith of Fate refers to the repeatable end-game Feature added in Cycle 1 of the Last Epoch.

The Enemy’s powers come from Corruption and not modifiers, which means the later contents will always be difficult.

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