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Last Epoch 1.0: An Upgrade To Diablo 4 Or Just Average RPG?

The new technical trailer for Last Epoch 1.0 just dropped, and fans can’t stop making comparisons with Diablo 4.

Last Epoch released a new 1.0 trailer on their YouTube channel showcasing various weapons, skill trees, and gameplay.

Since then, action RPG fans have been hyped as the trailer seems to overcome various aspects of Diablo 4’s gameplay.

Continue reading this article to learn about the comparisons between Last Epoch and Diablo 4.

Last Epoch 1.0 Vs. Diablo 4: All Comparisons

Last Epoch and Diablo 4 share the same ARPG genre with distinct features to make them stand out.

These comparisons below will help players to determine the best ARPG according to their preference.

1. Skill Tree

All action RPG games include a Skilltree feature that allows them to unlock various skills by upgrading them.

These skill trees include different nodes that lead to the final form of the skillset of a specific element.

For example, players can upgrade a Fireball skill to increase its damage and area radius or even unlock additional effects.

Similarly, Diablo 4 has a Skilltree feature that allows players to choose between two nodes for upgrades.

diablo 4 vs last epoch skilltree
A side-by-side Diablo 4 vs Last Epoch Skilltree comparison.

However, Last Epoch 1.0 provides multiple nodes that allow players to switch their playstyle according to the boss.

Players can use multiple Fireball variations, from a cone attack to a homing plasma ball in Last Epoch.

Features like this were limited in Diablo 4, making players stuck on the same boss for several hours.

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2. Weapons And Crafting

The lineup of various weapons can make or break an action RPG game as these games contain various bosses.

Hence, action RPG games introduce weapons of different rarity, depending upon the timeline of the game.

In Diablo 4, players can unlock various weapons and check their stats to determine their rarity in the game.

However, Last Epoch 1.0 has greased this feature by introducing colored-rarity weapons for easier navigation.

Last Epoch Weapon stash
Last Epoch multiple-Weapons stash showcase from the technical trailer.

Moreover, they have fine-tuned the crafting option as players can specifically upgrade items and weapon stats.

In other words, players are free to choose the type of elemental damage that they want to possess.

On the other hand, Diablo 4 only provides only one random stat reroll per item which is luck-based.

Additionally, Last Epoch 1.0 provides 100 unique stash tabs for weapon filtering compared to Diablo’s 5 stash tabs.

Therefore, in this aspect, Last Epoch blows off Diablo 4 in every possible way.

3. Graphics Comparision

Even though the Last Epoch 1.0 trailer just dropped, players are quite skeptical about its graphics.

In fact, some early-access players have already concluded that Diablo 4’s graphics is much better.

Last Epoch graphics highlights
A snippet from Last Epoch graphics from the official trailer.

However, this has not stopped action RPG players from pre-ordering Last Epoch as it only costs 35$.

Also, it is evident from the trailer that Last Epoch 1.0 has copied some of Diablo 4’s damaged fonts.

Moreover, the trailer’s surroundings look dimer when the character is inside the dungeons.

Therefore, Diablo 4 has better graphics as it costs more and provides more crisp images than Last Epoch.

Diablo 4 And Last Epoch: Which One Is Better?

Although the fans are quick to poke jokes at each game, both are good in their aspects.

Diablo 4 nails that classic action RPG feel with smooth action and clear-cut mechanics.

Last Epoch 1.0 goes deeper, offering tons of customization and complex systems for fans who crave it.

However, it is too early to draw comparisons as the Last Epoch 1.0 only drops on February 21, 2024.

Nevertheless, it is a good day for ARPG lovers as they can play a new game version for a low price.

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