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A Guide To The Nakatani Basement Stairs In Tarkov

Nakatani Basement Stairs is one of the locations of the ground-zero level in Escape From Tarkov.

In addition, the location is special as it is a part of an extraction point of the game.

Nakatani Basement Stairs is an extract at the Ground-Zero level of the game. The extraction point is exactly at the specific place of the stairs with ‘Get Ready’ written on the wall.

This article dives deeper into the details of the Nakatani basement stairs location of Tarkov.

What Are Extraction Points In Espace From Tarkov?

Extraction points also known as extracts are specific points in the map of Escape From Tarkov.

These extracts play a significant role in helping players safely exit a raid in the game.

Furthermore, players being able to successfully exit a raid will help preserve their loot and raid progress.

Moreover, without these extraction points, players cannot leave a raid alive and even lose the game progress.

So, extracts are an important part of the game helping players to keep items acquired in the raid safely.

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Ground Zero Level Extracts

Ground Zero level is a new map that was available after the 0.14 patch version of Espace From Trakov.

The map is specially designed for players under level 20 helping them gain knowledge about the game mechanics.

In addition, the Ground Zero level has five extracts according to the latest information about the game.

Ground Zero level extracts
The map of all the extracts of Ground-Zero level of Escape From Tarkov.

Here is a list of all the five extracts present at the Ground Zero level.

  1. Emercom Checkpoint
  2. Scav Checkpoint
  3. Mira Prospect
  4. Nakatani Basement
  5. Police Checkpoint

Out of these five extracts, Scav Checkpoint is a co-op checkpoint, while Police Checkpoint is a vehicle extract.

Apart from these extracts, there are a handful of quests present at the Ground Zero level.

Nakatani Basement Stairs Extract

Nakatani Basement Stairs is an escape option for players who prioritize a safe and quick extraction on Ground Zero.

In addition, the extract is located at the top-right corner of the Ground Zero level map.

Nakatani Basement stairs Location
The location of Nakatani Basement stairs in the map.

Here is a step-by-step guide to the Nakatani basement stairs extract:

  1. First, go to the top-right side of the ground-zero-level map.
  2. Make sure you are not on the terror group building side and in the correct location.
  3. The Nakatani building is near the Capital Insight, Fusion, and Empire buildings.
Nakatani Building Location
The Nakatani building with an important extraction point.
  1. Do not go to the left of the building as you might get sniped by the Invisible Snipers.
  2. Enter the Nakatani building and go straight through the corridor.
  3. In addition, the corridor has few rooms that people can sit in.
Nakatani Corridor
To go to the basement, go to the end of the corridor of the Nakatani building.
  1. Furthermore, go to the end of the corridor and turn right.
  2. Go down the flight of stairs where you will see “Get Ready” written on the wall.
Nakatani Extraction Point
The extraction point is at a specific point with Get Ready written on the wall.
  1. In addition, you can go further down the stairs if you’d like however, the Get Ready point is the extraction point.
  2. You can begin your extraction process at the point of the stairs with Get Ready on the wall.

The Bottom Line

Nakatani Basement Stairs is an important extract that helps people to exit a raid successfully.

Also, the stairs with Get Ready on the wall are the extraction point of the Nakatani Basement.

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