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Rune Prison In Last Epoch: Rewards And Crafting Guide

Last Epoch is an ARPG with lots of unpredictable gimmicks and the Rune Prison is one of them.

They are random structures in the game that birth an Exiled Mage when players destroy them.

So, players must learn about these structures if they want to avoid getting ambushed by the enemy inside.

Continue reading this article to learn about the Rune Prison in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch Rune Prison

Last Epoch serves a competitive gaming experience even after completing the main story in the game.

These endgame levels are called echoes that spawn two enemies on the map during each echo.

However, the sameness of the levels and enemies made this game mode very predictable and boring.

To tackle this issue, the devs introduced a new asset called the Rune Prison into this game mode.

Rune Prison Last epoch
An in-game appearance of Rune Prison Last Epoch.

Rune Prison is a special structure that can appear in Echoes and the main campaign of the game.

During the game, these prisons look like an altar that is bound by chains to the ground.

Initially, the Rune Prisons do not pose a threat to the players as they remain in a neutral state.

However, it summons an Exiled Mage(a hostile enemy) when players destroy the prison.

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Exiled Mage And Rune Prison

Rune Prisons hold the Exiled Mage inside, as they are very powerful and hostile towards players.

Players can easily destroy the prison by clicking on the hovering structure on the map.

However, they must brace themselves, as the Exiled Mage immediately acts hostile towards them or any creatures around it.

Exiled mage last epoch
Exiled mage spawns from the Prison Rune in the Last Epoch.

The levels of these Exiled Mages correspond to player levels, but they can spawn up to 70 max level.

Moreover, each Exiled Mages spawn with a randomized elemental set of magic, adding mystery to the game mode.

They can spawn with four abilities that are randomly selected among all abilities and they can use all of them.

These magic deal a significant amount of damage to players as they are one of the harder enemies.

Last Epoch Rune Prison Rewards

Although the Exiled Mages from the prison are tough, they provide equally alluring rewards upon defeat.

So players must completely deplete their HP to unlock some unique set of rewards.

Specifically, players can unlock the Experimental Items, a new class of items in the game.

These items come with special affixes that do not appear with any other items.

Additionally, players cannot craft these items manually because only the Exiled Mages can drop them.

Moreover, players can craft a Legendary Item using Experimental Affixes that come with the dropped items.

How To Use Experimental Crafting?

Upon defeating higher level Exiled Mage, players can receive an item called the Runes of Research.

However, they must note that only one Rune of Research drops per Exile Mage.

Rune of Research
Rune of Research drops from high-level Exiled Mages.

Players can use this specific item to seal an Experimental Affix on an Experimental item.

Moreover, players will have a chance to unlock the Glyph of Insight by using a rune on an Experimental Affix.

Glyphs of Insight is a powerful crafting item used to upgrade a normal affix to an Experimental Affix.

Also, the resulting Experimental Affix is always the same for identical items, encouraging item-farming.

Nevertheless, players must experiment with this feature to discover which affixes they can upgrade.

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