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How To Boost The Lifesteal In Remnant 2?

In various video games, Lifesteal refers to the ability to restore yourself by inflicting harm on adversaries.

Remnant 2 is a sci-fi action RPG game with characteristics, weapons, modifications, and relics that can grant Lifesteal effects.

In Remnant 2, Lifesteal is a strong and entertaining strategy allowing you to recover by inflicting harm on adversaries. You can unlock and improve your Lifesteal with numerous qualities, weapons, modifications, and relics.

Continue reading more to discover how to unlock the benefits of Lifesteal in Remnant 2.

Which Trait Boosts Lifesteal In Remnant 2?

The Siphoner trait is the one that increases Lifesteal in Remnant 2.

The ability to repair yourself by inflicting harm on adversaries is known as Lifesteal.

The Siphoner trait boosts your Lifesteal by a percentage of your damage dealt.

You can heal up to 3% of your maximum level of damage.

This is highly effective for survival when combined with damage-over-time skills.

The Siphon Heart relic also gives Lifesteal, which enhances this strategy.

siphoner. remnant 2 lifesteal
Siphoner is highly effective for survival.

How To Unlock The Siphoner Trait In Remnant 2?

To unlock the Siphoner trait, which boosts your Lifesteal in Remnant 2, you need to follow these steps:

1. N’Erudian Facility

First, you must find the Dormant N’Erudian Facility on the N’Erud world.

This random dungeon may or may not appear on your map.

However, if you do not have it, you can try rolling an Adventure Mode version of N’Erud.

Notably, the Dormant N’Erudian Facility has its own major World Shard on the map.

Therefore, if you’ve unlocked all the nodes on N’Erud and it’s not there, you may need to reroll an Adventure.

2. Facility Challenge

Second, enter the Dormant N’Erudian Facility and start the timer.

Further, you will see a countdown on your screen that shows how much time you have left to clear the dungeon.

Hence, you must defeat all the enemies in the dungeon before the timer expires to unlock the Siphoner trait.

3. N’Erudian Enemies

Thirdly, run through the dungeon and kill everything you see.

However, the enemies are primarily N’Erudian drones and soldiers.

They are not very tough but can swarm you if you are not careful.

Therefore, use your weapons, mods, and relics to deal as much damage as possible.

However, if you’ve unlocked the Summoner and Handler class, those additional allies will help clear things faster.

4. Siphoner Unlock

Finally, complete the dungeon and claim your reward.

If you manage to kill all the enemies within the time limit, you will see a message  Siphoner Trait Unlocked.

Moreover, you can then equip the trait from your character menu and enjoy your increased Lifesteal.

However, if you fail to clear the dungeon within the time limit, you will see the message Purge Initiated and die.

Further, if this happens, exit the dungeon and go back in to try it again.

Regardless, if it doesn’t reset, travel to another planet and back again.

remnant 2 lifesteal
Siphoner Trait boosts your Lifesteal

Benefits Of Using Lifesteal In Remnant 2

Lifesteal can help you live longer in combat, especially if you’re up against a group of opponents or a boss.

Some of the benefits of using Lifesteal in Remnant 2 are:

1. Lifesteal Synergies

Lifesteal works well with other characteristics, effects, and relics that increase damage output or survivability.

Therefore, the Bloodlust characteristic, the Siphon Heart relic, the Siphoner mod, and others are a few instances.

2. Lifesteal Fun

Lifesteal can make the game more fun and rewarding, as you can feel the impact of your attacks and see your health bar replenish.

Additionally, you can try different combinations of weapons, mods, and relics that can provide Lifesteal effects or complement them.

3. Lifesteal Customization

Lifesteal can also encourage you to experiment with different aspects of your character build.

Therefore, you can see what works best for your playstyle and preferences.

The Bottom Line

Utilizing Lifesteal in Remnant 2 will let you stay alive longer and enjoy the battle more.

Lifesteal is a characteristic that restores you for a fraction of the damage you do to foes.

Moreover, you can equip weapons, modifications, and relics that give Lifesteal effects or synergize with your Lifesteal trait.

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