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Change Suit In Lethal Company: Transforming Your Looks

Although a suit does not protect you from damage, many players still want to change them in Lethal Company.

However, they are only available for a limited time and can only wear one suit at a time.

You can change the suit in Lethal Company by simply interacting with the Terminal, purchasing and equipping the suit you fancy from the store.

Continue reading to learn more about Suits, types of suits, and how to change them in Lethal Company.

Suit In Lethal Company 

Suits are cosmetic items in Lethal Company that you can wear to change your character’s appearance.

Similarly, you can buy suits at the Terminal on the ship.

Once you have purchased a suit, you can see it hung on the clothing rack next to the Terminal.

To wear the suit, approach and interact with the clothing rack, which will automatically equip you.

There is also a mod called More Suits that adds more suits to the game.

Likewise, you can download the mod from the Thunderstorm website.

Therefore, you cannot change your suit during the mission but can change it while on the ship.

cheaper than the Pajama suit
Hazard and Green suits are cheaper than the Pajama suit.
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Types Of Suit In Lethal Company 

There are three different types of suits available in Lethal Company:

1. Green Suit

Appearance: This suit is exactly what it sounds like- all green, so you can get this if you’re a fan of the color. This suit has a smooth, sleek appearance and is made of a durable material. It can withstand the harsh environments of the moons.

Cost: It’s the budget-friendly choice at 60 credits.

2. Hazard Suit

Appearance: The Hazard Suit is an utterly yellow suit with a cautious vibe. This suit has a rugged, industrial appearance and is made of a heavy-duty material. It can protect the player from hazards like radiation and toxic fumes.

Cost: It is slightly pricier than the Green Suit, which is 90 credits.

3. Pajama Suit

Appearance: This suit is a bit quirky, a blue suit with dots on it like you’re ready for bedtime. This suit has a soft and comfortable appearance made of a breathable material perfect for relaxing.

Cost: The splurge option is 900 credits, so be ready to spend.

a soft and comfortable appearance
A pajama suit is a blue suit with a soft and comfortable appearance.

How To Change Suit In Lethal Company?

Changing your suit in Lethal Company is as simple as picking an outfit from your closet.

By following these steps, you can change your suit:

  1. Return to your spaceship after completing your mission on the moon by entering the Teleporter.
  2. Upon reaching the ship, head towards the Terminal; a large, interactive screen is near the entrance.
  3. Interact with the Terminal and select the Store option from the menu to purchase various items, like suits.
  4. Scroll down the list of items in the store until you reach the Suits section, which will display all the currently available suits.
  5. Check out the suits hanging there and get your cursor over the one you fancy.
  6. Once you’ve decided, hit the confirmation button, which will appear, asking you to verify your purchase.
  7. Once the purchase is confirmed, the suit will be added to your inventory.
  8. You can now equip the suit by interacting with the clothing rack near the Terminal.

The Bottom Line

Changing suits is a straightforward process that allows you to customize your character’s appearance.

Moreover, there are three different options available for you to choose from.

Remember, though, these suits are about style; they won’t give you special powers or extra fighting skills.

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