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Lethal Company: Does Carrying Apparatus Triggers Radiation?

In this scary world of the Lethal Company, players have to be careful while holding the Apparatus, as it can lead to radiation.

Lethal Company is one of the feared co-op horror games where players have to fight for survival and sell scrap to the Company.

At some point in the game, players are in a great dilemma about whether to bring the Apparatus with them.

In Lethal Company, players can carry the Apparatus without any fear of radiation poisoning despite hearing a terrifying warning while picking it. 

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Does Holding Apparatus Trigger Radiation In Lethal Company?

Many players have raised a concern about whether the Apparatus poses a significant threat of radiation poisoning.

Similarly, most players are terrified after hearing the ominous warning while collecting the Apparatus.

As per the latest information, players can grab the Apparatus without worrying about trouble.

There is no sign of radiation poisoning while carrying the Apparatus; hence, it is safe to grab the Apparatus and carry it. 

Thus, players don’t need to fear being dead from the radiation poison despite its scary warning.

However,  it is safe to collect the Apparatus till now, but this might change with future updates and can result in radiation poisoning.

Besides that, players cannot only hold a single Apparatus but also collect and store multiple Apparatus.

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Lethal Company: Consequences After Picking Up Apparatus 

After the player picks up the Apparatus from its casing, they must be prepared to face the consequences.

Similarly, the power of the building is cut off, and players have to experience a blackout.

Thus, players can have difficulty finding a way to collect other items and exit from that building.

Searching for apparatus in Lethal Company.
A player is searching for the Apparatus in Lethal Company.

With the loss of electricity, players will find it challenging to navigate in the dark, enhancing the period to exit.

So players must be tricky here and pick up the Apparatus after picking up every item in the buildings.

Nevertheless, players must plan their strategy to collect items from the building without wasting time.

Moreover, players must leave one crew behind to show them the way to the ship’s entrance in the darkness.

Should You Pick Up The Apparatus In Lethal Company?

After comprehending the warning while picking up the Apparatus, many players felt the risk of the radiation poison.

Since there has not been any trouble while holding the Apparatus until now, players can pick up the Apparatus without radiation.

Moreover, players can achieve the monetary value of the Apparatus after they collect it; the game has set its value.

Besides that, players can collect up to 80 to 85 credits by having a single Apparatus.

So players can opt to collect more Apparatus as it results in more credits that can be useful for several purposes.

However, players must face a power outage after picking up the Apparatus, which could fear several in-game monsters.

Power Outage in Lethal Company
The player is facing the power outage issue after carrying the Apparatus.

Similarly, players must be prepared to face the giant monsters after they cause the darkness around the building.

Players can encounter giant spiders running wildly across the room of that building; however, they have to remain calm.

Nevertheless, picking up the Apparatus from the room is an excellent decision as it only results in a Power Outage afterward.

Besides that, it does not physically harm the players, so it is the right decision to pick up the Apparatus.

The Bottom Line

In Lethal Company, players can collect the Apparatus without being afraid of any lethal radiation poisoning.

Until now, the warning has not been lethal, and gaming communities encourage players to grab this item.

In Summary, with strategic planning, players can have the thrilling experience of darkness to execute this mission flawlessly.

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