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Lethal Company Lore: Collect, Connect, And Conquer

Lethal Company is a game with this whole hidden story, and we call that the Lore.

However, Lore is like the game’s secret background story; players are curious about it.

Lore in Lethal Company is unknown by combining exploration, collaboration with other players, and stay tuned to official and community sources. There’s also a talk about a guide that can spill all the beans on the Lore, including a bestiary and Sigurd logs.

Continue reading to learn about Lore, its types, and how to complete it in Lethal Company.

Lore In Lethal Company

Lore is unknown in the Lethal Company, so people playing the game are guessing what the Lore might be.

Some wonder if they’re working for aliens or some big cosmic thing that hired them to collect scrap.

While others think the company might be behind making those scary monsters in the game.

Maybe they put them there to test for some mysterious reasons.

However, the places in the game look human-built, adding another layer of mystery to how the company operates.

Players explore every nook and cranny of the game, grabbing all those diary entries and Sigurd logs to get into the Lore.

Talking with other players in forums and checking out fan-made guides are other ways to dig into the Lore.

Therefore, the game is still working, so updates might bring new pieces to the puzzle.

general discussion about lore
General discussion about Lore in the Steam community.
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Types Of Lore In Lethal Company

In Lethal Company, players discover different kinds of Lore as they play the game.

Some of the different kinds discovered so far are:

1. Diary Entries

In the game, players can find diary entries that give them a peek into the thoughts and experiences of the company’s employees.

These entries are scattered around, and collecting them reveals more about the story.

Moreover, they reveal a sense of fear, paranoia, and a growing realization of the company’s true nature.

2. Sigurd Logs

Another type of Lore comes in the form of Sigurd logs. These are the cryptic messages penned by a crew member named Sigurd.

This offers the most direct insights into the company’s activities, their true nature, and the origins of the game’s dangerous creatures.

Sigurd’s writings reveal a company in secrecy that conducts unethical experiments and treats its employees as expendable tools.

sigurd's log entries
Sigurd’s log entries can reveal a company in secrecy.

How To Complete Lore In Lethal Company?

By following these points, you can complete the Lore in Lethal Company:

  1. Take your time to look for hidden spots, rooms, or areas that might hold diary entries, Sigurd logs, or other pieces of the Lore.
  2. Keep an eye out for diary entries like personal accounts from the characters.
  3. Look for Sigurd logs like data points left in different maps, giving you information about the dangers ahead.
  4. Piece the clues from the Sigurd logs and diary entries to uncover the darker side of the company’s operation.
  5. Likewise, try to build your bestiary as you encounter different monsters and creatures.
  6. You can decipher the messages conveyed through the haunting soundscapes, industrial landscapes, and grotesque creatures.
  7. Moreover, you can also share your findings and listen to what other players have discovered.
  8. The Lore involves a bit of speculation and theorizing, so question the company’s motives and the monster’s origins.

The Bottom Line

The Lore is scattered throughout the game, including diary entries and Sigurd logs.

Therefore, exploring, chatting with others, and keeping updates will be the best if you’re into uncovering the secrets about the Lore.

Hence, the game is still in early access, so that things might change in the future.

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