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Lethal Company Overtime Bonus: Complete Guide

Lethal Company introduces an overtime bonus in which players must go on a thrilling adventure full of challenges and twists.

Players who complete the overtime bonus mission will develop resilience and adaptability and receive valuable rewards.

To complete the Lethal Company overtime bonus, you must collect valuable scraps by exploring hazardous zones and overcoming ecosystem challenges, deadly creatures, flooded areas etc. You must work with a team, equip yourself with tools and stay alert to survive the mission.

Continue reading to learn how to complete the Lethal Company Overtime Bonus mission.

What Is Lethal Company Overtime Bonus?

The lethal company overtime bonus mission is an unpredictable journey that tests the limits of the players.

During this overtime bonus challenge, you must explore the moons and gather as many valuable scraps as possible.

You must roam around the hazardous environments and go through ups and downs in this overtime bonus journey.

Furthermore, the more you explore the different zones, the more the hazard levels increase.

hazard level B
You must explore hazardous environments to collect valuable scraps.

You can earn valuable rewards as you go higher the hazard level in this overtime bonus journey.

However, hazard levels also increase the danger you face, so it adds an extra layer of excitement to the mission.

Therefore, you must carefully choose your path through various zones.

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Complete Lethal Company Overtime Bonus

In this overtime bonus journey, you will encounter unique challenges when exploring each zone.

You can come across flooded areas and challenging ecosystems while exploring the zones for collecting scraps.

So you must find the right balance between taking risks and getting rewards to overcome the incoming hazards.

1. Work With Team To Collect Scraps

You must make smart choices while collecting the valuable scraps in your overtime journey to return with them safely.

To complete this overtime bonus mission, you can team with other players to navigate the hazardous zones.

Furthermore, it will be comparatively easier for a team to locate the valuable scraps in this dangerous mission.

critical injury in lethal company
Overtime bonus mission will develop resilience and adaptability and receive valuable rewards.

You will need some helping hands to avoid deadly creatures and increase your chance of survival in the game.

So you must work with your team to overcome obstacles and complete the mission to receive the overtime bonus.

2. Equip Yourself With Tools And Resources

You must equip yourself with tools and resources before you head on to this overtime bonus mission.

Besides, your chances of success increase if you can strategically use the right tools at the right time.

So equip yourself with tools like flashlights, lock pickers and proximity mines.

You can use flashlights in dark regions and lock pickers to open doors while searching for scraps.

Moreover, you can use the proximity mines against dangerous creatures to defend yourself.

3. Stay Alert To  Survive  Mission

Overtime bonus journey is filled with suspenseful adventures and unexpected twists.

You can hear creepy noises coming from a distance that gives you goosebumps on your skin.

Thus, be cautious while moving around because you may encounter strange creatures in unfamiliar locations.

deadly creature lethal company overtime bonus
You will encounter strange creatures in unfamiliar locations, so kill them with tools like shovels.

You must develop quick thinking skills to take quick action and overcome the lurking dangers.

Disciplinary Consequences Of Overtime Bonus Mission

Before you go for the overtime bonus mission, you must note that this adventure is not only about rewards.

Hence, there are some disciplinary consequences if you fail this mission.

If you cannot successfully complete this mission, you will be sent to autopilot ships.

The Bottom Line

Scraps and other valuable rewards are awaiting collection in this overtime bonus mission.

However, your way will be full of unexpected obstacles, so work with your team for survival.

Hence, this overtime bonus mission in Lethal Company will prepare you for more serious missions.

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