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Exploring Phosphorescent Shader In Destiny 2

The Phosphorescent Shader is one of the items in Destiny 2

After the launch of season 22, it is seen in the collection.

Phosphorescent Shader in Destiny 2 is the Legendary Kit to change the color of the player’s gear. The Kit has an all-black appearance but cannot be equipped in the current season.

Continue reading to verify the usage and techniques to obtain the rare material in Destiny 2.

What Is Phosphorescent Shader?

The Phosphorent Shader is an item that helps players alter their appearance in the game.

There are many normal and rare shaders, whereas Phosphorescent shaders come under the Legendary class.

This shader appears in the current season, Witch of the Season, in the activity section.

Players can see a total of 13 lists of all the shades, along with the pure black class. 

Phosphorescent Shader
Legendary Phosphorescent Shader in Destiny 2.

Normally, the shader consists of different patterns and colors.

However, in the case of this shader, it portrays itself as an all-black fit with funky designs.

Due to the classy looks and begins, many Players love the latest addition of Destiny. 

However, obtaining it is a lot more complicated than many players assume.

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How To Get The Phosphorescent Shader?

Many players wonder if they can obtain the Phosphorescent to give their character a significantly better look.

However, obtaining it is a lot more complicated than many players assume.

Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, clarified the huge mistake in the social platform.

Which has divided the Destiny 2 community into two parts.

They clarified the Phosphorescent Shader available in the collection inventory is not an actual item.

Bungie Help‘s Clarification on the Phosphorescent Shader issue.

Rather, it is an intentional mistake by the developers, which they have apologized for.

Moreover, the Phosphorescent Shader will be removed from the game in the upcoming Patch.

Hence, Players may have to wait a while to get the fully dark kit to change its appearance. 

Alternate Shader To Phosphorescent

As already mentioned, Phosphorescent is unavailable; let’s reach out for other  obtainable shades;

1. Luminous Void

The Lumanite Void Shader is part of the new Volatile Throne Bundle, which costs 1000 Silver.

The Shader adds a uniquely animated void texture on Kit, Weapons, and Ghost Shell Ship plating.

Luminous Void
Luminous Void Shade in the 22nd Season.

Further, players will obtain lemon arc exotic ornaments if they buy the bundle.

2. Gambit Jadestone

Gambit Jadestone is another unique shader that can be an alternative to the Phosphorescent.

This Shade includes glows on the helmet and artifacts on the back..

Gambit Jadestone
Gambit Jadestone is in Destiny 2’s current season.

Unfortunately, it only works best with Titan and Warlock Class.

The Bottom Line

The Phosphorescent Shades lies among the rare kit and has a black overview in the model.

Players can view the Classy kit in the activity section of the collection.

Unfortunately, Players can’t equip this shade due to an unintentional blunder by the developers. 

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