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Lethal Company Or The Backrooms: Which To Play?

Lethal Company and The Backrooms are two separate games, but both are horror-type games.

Both games are set to have their own unique features, making players confused about which to play.

Playing Lethal Company or The Backroom entirely depends on the player’s preferences. Players who like to play action-filled and fast-paced games can choose Lethal Company, while those who like to solve puzzles can play The Backroom.

Continue reading to learn more about the Lethal Company and The Backroom.

Overview Of Lethal Company

Lethal Company is a first-person horror game you can play with friends.

It was first released as early access on October 23 and slowly grew in popularity.

Furthermore, only a month after the game’s release, it has completed the 100000 active players milestone.

Additionally, as of November 20, Lethal Company has gained 115,000 players globally.

This game has become one of the highest-grossing games, along with other games like Baldur’s Gate 3, Risk of Rain Returns, and Call of Duty. 

Also, this game got a 10/10 rating on Steam, making it the most talked-about game recently.

In this game, players take the role of a worker who must search the abandoned moon for the scrap and sell it to the Company.

Lethal Company
Lethal Company is a Co-op game where you can play and get sacred with your friends.

However, many more intriguing features like Suit customization, ship decoration, and bestiary filling exist.

The game is still easy to access, so the player will get many updates to fix bugs and add more features.

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Overview Of The Backrooms

The Backrooms is also a survivor horror game in a creepy environment. In this game, players must navigate through an old office’s backrooms.

Furthermore, this game also brings back the terror players experience as a child.

Additionally, this single-player game places you in the maze of rooms and hallways, along with scary creatures.

Moreover, this game looks so natural and is indeed a creepy and unsettling place.

The atmosphere in this game is too dark and gloomy than other games. This makes the game creepier and more strange.

Lethal Company The Backrooms
Players will find lots of corners and rooms that they need to focus on in this game.

Although this game is like other horror games, you must build a great strategy to secure a win in this one.

You don’t have to anticipate any monster or jumpscare; focus on how to escape the strange building as soon as possible.

There are three levels to play in The Backrooms: Level 0, Level 1, and Level 2.

So, this game is like an Escape game, where you have to devise a great strategy to find the shortest way out of the building.

Which To Play Lethal Company Or The Backrooms?

Whether you choose to play Lethal Company or The Backrooms, it is up to you because both games are free and have their perks and flaws.

Furthermore, both games are in the same category, so you can play both.

However, if you want to choose to play only one game, I would recommend you to play the Lethal Company.

Since this game you can play with your friends is not filled with too many scary things.

You can also help your friends to complete specific tasks.

Also, this game has a somewhat bright atmosphere, utterly opposite of The Backrooms.

Many players like this type of atmosphere and enjoy playing.

Furthermore, one of the intriguing features of this game is its super dynamic proximity chat.

This feature lets you hear the muffled screams of someone getting choked out by a bug.

Additionally, this game is packed with action and other exciting factors that players enjoy exploring.

Therefore, it is recommended that you play Lethal Company, where you can enjoy the game with your friends.

However, you can play The Backrooms if you like a single-player, escape room-type game that needs proper planning and strategy.

The Bottom Line

Lethal Company and The Backrooms are both survival horror games where players must complete specific tasks to get the job done.

Players can play both to explore new games and get their hands on everything.

However, if you are weak in heart and cannot make proper strategies, these games are not for you.

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