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Explore About Sigurd In Lethal Company

During the collection of scraps in the new Company, players have to learn about the enigmatic character Sigurd.

Lethal Company is one of the best co-op survival games, which has captured many players’ attention with its mysterious storyline.

Similarly, in Lethal Company, players have to unravel a mysterious narrative through the logs of that former employee named Sigurd.

In the bizarre world of Lethal Company, Sigurd used to be one of the company’s former employees, and players have to unravel the game’s mythology via the mysterious logs that Sigurd left behind.

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Lethal Company: An Overview Of Sigurd

While embarking on the cryptic area of the Lethal Company, the game storyline unfolds through one of the enigmatic figures, Sigurd.

Similarly, Sigurd is considered one of the old members and used to be a former employee of the lethal Company.

Likewise, players can understand the history and story of Sigurd through the Sigurd’s entries.

Sigurd’s entries are a collection of logs that players can find by searching the unexplored areas on several maps.

Moreover, there are around 11 logs starred in the various areas in Lethal Company, and players can view them from the Terminal.

Players can access this Terminal by pressing the “E” button and typing the code ” SIGURD,” which allows them to read the logs.

Here is the list of every available Log that players can find by exploring the map of Lethal Company.

Sigurd Journal in Lethal Company
Player spotting Smell’s here Journal of Sigurd.
  • First Log ( August 22, 1968)
  • Smells Here ( August 24, 1968)
  • Swing Of Things ( August 27, 1968)
  • Golden Planet ( Aug ?? , 1968)
  • Shady (August 31, 1968)
  • Sound Behind The Wall ( September 4, 1968)
  • Goodbye (September 7, 1968)
  • Screams ( September 13, 1968)
  • Idea ( September 19, 1968)
  • Nonsense ( September 27, 1968)
  • Hiding ( September 30, 1968)
  • Desmond (October 15, 1968)
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Sigurd’s Logs: A Desperate Journal

During his work at the Lethal Company, Sigurd documented his experience in a journal from August 22 to October 15, 1968.

Similarly, while reading the journal, players can think of it as the desperate journal as he mentions his journey through the challenges during employment.

After reading the logs, players can understand his initial struggles with the ancient computer system and the hazmat suit.

Besides that, players can understand Sigurd’s POV of struggling during the initial days to the addition of several log features in Lethal Company.

Sigurd Log In Lethal Company
A player is about to open the Sigurd’s Log.

Moreover, from the Sigurd entries, players can also understand the employee turnover rate, learning about the scary nature of the job.

Likewise, in one of  Sigurd’s journals, he also mentions the scary nature of the job and the constant threat of mortality.

Moreover, Sigurd also talks about the various creatures he encountered at Lethal Company.

The Logs provide detailed insights into the behavior and impression of these mysterious creatures.

Lethal Company Shady Operations: Sigurd’s Suspicions

Sigurd begins to develop suspicion regarding the Lethal Company’s operations as he works for them.

Besides his complaints regarding the uncomfortable suits and revealing the discoveries during missions, he also had other concerns.

From one of his journals, players can find his suspicion about the Company as he questions the legitimacy of the assessment exam.

Moreover, he clearly states the weird nature of the Lethal Company’s hiring process, mentioning they talk with fake voices over the phone.

He also mentions the Company’s psychological pressure on the employees and the revelation of an unexplained sound behind the Company.

Furthermore, Sigurd also proposes a theory that there is a connection between the penalty for not returning bodies and the possibility for the Company to use the dead body.

The Bottom Line

As discovered in the Sigurd’s logs, players now can understand the history and secrets of the Lethal Company.

From Sigurd’s entries, players can learn about the Company’s several secret, questionable experiments and how it treats its employees.

In conclusion, as players explore the game and uncover more logs, they can understand the mysterious Lore of the Lethal Company.

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