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What Are The Best Motivity Weapons In Lies Of P?

Carrying the best motivity weapons in Lies of P can grant players a significant advantage in the battle.

However, knowing the weapon that suits the player’s preferences and playing styles can be an issue.

The best Motivity weapons in the early stages of Lies of P should be a Big Pipe Wrench Head and Greatsword of Fate Blade with B-level Motivity. Both weapons combine well with the Katon Police Baton Handle.

Continue reading to learn about the motivity weapons and the best weapons to get in Lies of P.

Motivity Weapons In Lies Of P

Motivity is one of the characters’ six statical skills in their combat style.

Also, these skills combine well and deploy critical hits with weapons and legion arms having higher motivity.

Other skills include vitality, vigor, capacity, technique and advancement.

However, the statistics of each skill will vary depending on the combat style players select.

The classes players can select in the early game are Balanced, Dexterity, and Strength.

Scrapped Watchman
Use the Motivity Weapon in the Battle.

Those players who opt for Stregnth will have higher motivity skills than other classes.

Many of the Motivity weapons are heavy and slow weapons that increase damage output.

Moreover, Motivity skills will provide a layer of defense against acid, physical or molly damage.

As the motivity skill for the Strength class is high, the motivity weapons will work best for the class.

However, having the same class with a higher set of skills is not essential to use any weapon.

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Best Motivity Weapons In Lies Of P

If players are curious to know the best motivity weapons to find and combine in the early game, they can check the list below;

1. Big Pipe Wrench Head 

The Big Pipe Wrench Head is one of the best weapons in the game, with Motivity level B and is a type of Large Blunt.

Players can extract the Big Pipe Wrench Head and the handle through a chest from the cave in Venigni Works.

best motivity weapons lies of p
Get the weapon from the cave in Venigni Works.

The initial physical attack of the Wrench Head is 156, whereas the weight is almost 24.

Eventhough the weapon is pretty slow, it has a triple charge fable attack for enhanced damage.

Players can also gather the strength for more significant damage by holding the attack button.

2. Greatsword Of Fate Blade

The Greatsword of Fate Blade is another weapon with a Motivity level B.

Players can get this weapon after starting in the Strength class.

Otherwise, players can buy the Greatsword for 300 ergo from the merchant in Elysion Boulevard.

The starting Physical attack damage of the blade is 111, and it carries a weight of around 14.

Ensure to take advantage of the Fable slots in the blade to deploy three more hits to beat enemies with ease.

3. Krat Police Baton Handle

The Krat Police Baton Handle combines well with both the Fate blade and the Wrench head.

It is a single-handed slash-type weapon tool with a Motivity ranking of C.

Players can use the strike chance fable art best, thanks to its 50% damage boost in the next attack.

To get the handle along with the Baton Head, by beating the officer puppet in the Krat Central Station.

best motivity weapons lies of p
Get the Krat handle from the officer puppet.

The Bottom Line

Big Pipe Wrench Head is probably the best motivity weapon, which works best with the Krat Police Baton.

Players should also use other abilities like legions arms and amulets to increase the damage.

Also, keep an eye on the characters’ overall stats, which can assist in both attacks and defensive mechanics.

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