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Is Dorothy Appearing In Lies Of P?

Dorothy is a well-known character who is making a huge headline in The Lies of P.

According to rumors, the character may feature in the upcoming edition of the game.

The famous fictional Dorothy will probably appear in the upcoming sequel of Lies of P if we go by the post-credit scene. However, it is unsure if players can approach the game by taking Dorothy as the main character.

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The Dorothy

Dorothy Gale is a fictional character in the popular OZ series of novels and Movies.

Thanks to the novel’s creator, Lyman Baum, the character made a classic movie appearance in The Wizard of Oz in 1939.

Dorothy has been a fan favorite in all of the movie sequences ever since. 

The Wiz, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and  Return to Oz are other notable movies featuring the character.

Also, due to the popularity of The Wizard of Oz, a game featuring Dorothy, was released in 1993 by Nintendo.

Late Minnenials and early Gen Z may have experience playing Dorothy as the starting character in the game.

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Dorothy In Lies Of P: Truth or Hoax?

Dorothy’s appearance in The Lies of P may be a big surprise for the players.

Some players are tearing up, whereas others are excited to see the appearance of Dorothy in the game. 

But are all those rumors about her in the game proper or just a hoax spread by gaming communities and players?

Well, to know that, players must first complete the game.

The ending will depend on the player’s mission choices and progression preference. 

The game has three endings, Real Boy: They all lived happily ever after, Free from the Puppet String and Rise of P.

Among them, Free from the Puppet String is by far the game’s best ending, and Rise of P is the worst.

Free from the puppet string
Free from the Puppet String ending.

After ending the game,  players can see the post-credit scene in Lies of P, which discusses the possible appearance of Dorothy.

Dorothy In Lies of P End-scene

In the post-credit scene of The Lies of P, players will see Paracelsus traveling in the train at night.

Over the phone, he seems to interact with a mysterious lady about the Krat Experiment and new findings, i.e., humanity.

Both of them converse about eternal life and the upcoming meeting in the near future.

Dorothy assures him of finding a new character, i.e., Dorothy, and addresses her as his vital part and another Key.

lies of p dorothy
Paracelsus is talking about Dorothy.

At the end of the post-credit scene, there is a possible hint of Dorothy wearing a Red outfit and flapping her heels in the Krat City.

lies of p dorothy
Dorothy at the Krat City in the Teaser.

The Bottom Line

After ending the game and viewing the post-credit teaser of Lies of P, the appearance of Dorothy looks real.

However, the Neowiz game hasn’t yet released an official statement on the upcoming sequel of the game.

As the game is still new, players who have completed the game may wait for quite a long period of time to see Dorothy again.

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